College Republicans Under Attack at UC Berkeley

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Campus Reform

I earlier cross-posted a report from The College Fix which describes the backlash that UC Berkeley College Republicans are facing over their sponsoring of an appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos on February 1.


The blog, Campus Reform has more information regarding the on-going campaign of harassment directed at CR.


Coupled with last week's disruption of an appearance by Yiannopoulos at UC Davis as well as the ugly reactions against him in other universities all over the country, it is clear that the concept of free speech in academia is limited to the left. CR chapters all over the country are learning what happens when they invite speakers like Yiannopoulois to campus. It is particularly despicable that now the far left loons on campus have manufactured phony posters alleging that the CR had invited white nationalist Richard Spencer to speak.

And where is that joke of a chancellor Nicholas Dirks? How can UCB tolerate this crap on campus? Physical harassment is not free speech.

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skybill said...

Drop the "Charade!!!!!!" We are "AT WAR WITH THE LEFT!!!!" They lost the "BIG PRIZE" and now they are not taking "NO" for an answer..... Just remember, the "WAR" is not "OVER" until the "ENEMY THROWS IN THE TOWEL!!" Just remember when you're on a "GUN RUN" some of the enemy will be "Women and Children!!!" and just remember when that "Right wing Reporter" asks you how you can shoot "Women and Children" so candidly??, you respond,"OH, YA' DON'T HAVE TA' LEAD THEM AS MUCH!!!!" AND AS OLD "Stu" a salty Marine friend of an old work mate responded when a "Lefty Reporter caught him off the airplane from the "'Nam" about what he felt when he shot that "Gook??" Stu responded,"RECOIL!!"
"'Nuff Said!!,"
Got Gunz ...........OUTLAW!!!!!!!,

skybill said...

Hi Gary,
Think I just posed a few "Remarks!!"mmm,!! here's one more https://www.youtube.com/watch?V=GKaYOW9zMoY&feature=em-share_video_user