Obama's Response to Orlando: "It's the Guns"

Gary Fouse

President Obama is once again refusing to even mention the words, "Islamic terror", a term which is banned in his administration. Once again, he is taking criticism for his reaction to yet another act of jihad. He just won't acknowledge Islamic terror. In the case of Orlando, he once again focuses his ire on guns.

To illustrate the fantasy world of the Obama administration, his action group, or whatever you call it, Organizing for Action, has for the last few years included me on their mailing list. For some reason, they think I am a big Obama supporter. In the wake of the latest Islamic attack against us, the worst shooting attack in American history, here is the message I received today from Organizing for Action:. There is a link where I am supposed to add my voice for "common sense solutions to gun violence".
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Date:Monday, June 13, 2016 12:43 PM
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Organizing for Action
Friend --

This weekend we saw the most deadly mass shooting in American history -- motivated by hate, and fueled by the easy availability of deadly weapons.

The tragic shooting in Orlando -- which specifically targeted the LGBT community -- is the latest example of the epidemic of gun violence in our country.

Love is love, and no act of hate will change that. Violence in our places of friendship and worship cannot become the status quo.

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Katie Hogan
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

This Katie Hogan, whoever she is, says doing nothing is not acceptable. Yet doing nothing is exactly what Obama proposes. He wants to admit tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into this country, whom we cannot adequately vet. Even if 100% of these people are good and peaceful people, what is to stop their children from being radicalized within a few years and doing what the Orlando shooter (who was born here) did?

So instead of doing nothing, Katie, just what is it you want us to do-love? Who are we supposed to love here besides the victims and their families? How about some common sense protection for our people from these Muslim fanatics who are on a jihad? How about some common sense protection of our borders and common sense policies to prevent these murderers from coming to our shores?

Final point: Wouldn't it have been better if a few of those people in the night club were licensed to carry firearms? I guarantee you there would not have been 49 innocent people killed were that the case.

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