Brussels: The "Religion of Peace" Strikes Again

Gary Fouse

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The latest attack has taken place in Brussels. Just days after the Paris attack ringleader was arrested in Brussels, ISIS has struck again. Between 30-34 people are dead at the Zavandam Airport and a metro station downtown, and ISIS is taking credit.


Of course, we know that there will be more attacks. What we don't know is when our leaders will finally conclude the obvious: That ISIS must be exterminated. That will not stop terror altogether, of course, because the ideology that drives ISIS will live on. It is an ideology with a veneer of religion.

Yes, it is the very ideology of militant Islam that is the ultimate root behind all this. Not radical Islam because the  agents of this inhumanity are following the dictates of the Prophet Mohammad and the Koran. "Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them". "Strike terror into their hearts". "Cut off their limbs..." It's all there in front of us, but too many of us refuse to believe their our  lying eyes.

This is not to say that all Muslims are terrorists. There are millions of Muslims who are secular. A few are reformists. Most just want to get on with their lives. As always, we must resist the impulse to retaliate against them. But we cannot allow their feelings to silence us.

But first and foremost, we must defend ourselves, our lives and our liberties. We must face the truth about Islam. It is not a religion of peace. It is a political ideology built on violence and hate. It believes in conquest. It does not recognize a separation between religion and the State.

We must speak openly and without fear about this scourge. We must proclaim that we will never submit to Islam.

Secondly, we must face the reality that we have to defeat ISIS where it is. We must combine with NATO and our Arab allies to go in and root it out in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

And finally, we must realize that these animals cannot kill us if they are not in our countries, This continued immigration of Muslims into the West must cease. That includes these so-called refugees and migrants who are streaming into Europe.

When will we say that enough is enough?

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