Jasbir Puar's Academic Supporters

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In spite of Rutgers University Professor Jasbir Puar doing her best impersonation of Julius Streicher in her recent speech at Vassar, she has hundreds of academics who have lined up to sign a letter in her support. Of course, that also includes some very questionable signatures.


Here is the letter in Puar's support, which says that "her words were chosen carefully and were grounded in serious scholarship and thorough  research" referring to Puar's charges of Israelis harvesting organs of dead Palestinians and engaging in "weaponized epigenetics".

The fact is Puar provided no evidence for her charges, but her words were "chosen carefully and grounded in serious scholarship and thorough research." Had that been so, don't you think Puar would have provided evidence for her wild accusations?


And who are these academicians who signed this letter? Obviously, I am only familiar with a few, but here they are. The ones I know of are all regular anti-Israel activists who use their positions to preach the "evil" of Israel far and wide.

Judith Butler (UC Berkeley- She signed twice.)

Here is a link that describes my interaction with Butler when she spoke at UC Irvine in 2015. I asked her a question during the q and a and followed up with a letter to her, which she never responded to.


Rabab Abdulhadi (San Francisco State University)

This woman was mentor to the General Union of Palestinian Students at SFSU, some of whose members engaged in violent expressions in 2013 exhibiting a desire to kill Israel soldiers. She was also the subject of a suspicious trip to the Middle East for which she received school funding, but reportedly did not attend a conference for which the funds were reportedly allocated. Last May, she was supposed to appear at UC Irvine on behalf of the Muslim Student Union's annual hate fest against Israel. For some mysterious reason, she didn't show up. I sent her a letter, but she, of course, never responded.


Lisa Hajjar (UC Santa Barbara) Another regular on the anti-Israel seminar tour. Hajjar told a Jewish audience member during a q and a at UCLA in 2009 that he "had his Zionist hat screwed on way too tight."


David Lloyd (UC Riverside)

Dr Lloyd gave me a demonstration of his idea of scholarship when he sponsored co-founder of BDS, Omar Barghouti at UC Riverside. When I asked if the school might consider exposing its students to the other side of the issue with a pro-Israel speaker, he termed the question, "preposterous".


Here is the video:


David Palumbo-Liu (Stanford)

Another anti-Israel regular. Just recently I caught his act at UC Irvine, where he stated that the State Department definition of anti-Semitism included the mere criticism of Israeli policies (not true). When confronted with his mis-statement after the event, he turned tail and ran from his accuser rather than defend what he said.


Rashid  Khalidi (Columbia)

Khalidi is a Palestinian-American who was buddies with Barack Obama, Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn back in their Chicago days. He was also at the center of a story about how then US Senate candidate Obama told Khalidi that once he got to the US Senate, he could take a harder stance against Israel. The tape of that conversation is still in the hands of the LA Times, who refuse to release it.

Sondra Hale (UCLA)

Though now a professor emeritus, Sondy is  a member  of the highly partisan and highly anti-Israel Center for Near East Studies.


Bettina Aptheker (UC Santa Cruz)

We all remember Bettina from the 1960s, don't we?

Angela Davis (UCSC) Who could forget her?

David Shorter (UCLA)

Shorter is the UCLA professor who was putting his pro-BDS views on a UCLA web server.


Lisa Duggan (NYU)

Lisa is a BDS supporter who is president of the American Studies Association-which also supports BDS.


Richard Burt (Univ of Florida) This is the unusual fellow I saw recently at UC Irvine talking about the Dead Poets Society or some such nonsense supposedly related to freedom of expression.


Andrew Gutierrez (UC Berkeley, signed twice)

Here's a winner. I first posted about this charming fellow when he was captured on video heckling and giving the finger to Jewish students who were peacefully protesting the appearance of swastikas at UC Berkeley in 2010. Retired now, he spends his afternoons with his wife, a member of Women in Black who pester students at the university with harangues about the evils of Israel.


Richard Falk (Princeton) Former UN Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories. This man's one-sided reporting against Israel was so odious even the State Department distanced themselves from him.

Steven Salaita (University of Beirut) This is the lovely fellow whose job offer at the University of Illinois was rescinded after he went on social media in the wake of the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank. Salaita penned his hope that "all settlers would go missing." The three teens were later found murdered.

But this gets better. They even have signatures from a few students, one identified only as Bryant, a PhD student from the University of Miami and Hanan, a post-doctorate fellow from who knows where as well as Caitlyn (nfd) a PhD student from Texas A&M.

Then there is Alison (nfd) an asst professor from Rutgers and Prantik Saha (nfd) , location unknown.

But now it really gets better. How about these three giants of academia?

Ishat Ma'Pants, Professor of Sociology retired

Thisshit Ain'ttrue, Professor of fallacy promotions at Nonsuch College

Ima Liar, anti-Semite Boulder Grass University

Serious Scholarship? With this kind of scholarship, you couldn't put a dog in the pound. Unless, of course, the dog catcher is Ishat Ma'Pants.

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