Hillary: "Somebody's Lying..."

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Hot Air

                                                                                             "It's not me."

Hillary asked by columnist in NH about her comments about a video to relatives of Benghazi attack

Just days ago, Hillary Clinton was giving an interview to a group of editors from the Conway Daily Sun in New Hampshire. One columnist, Tom McLaughlin, asked pointed questions about her comments to the Egyptian prime minister about the cause of the Benghazi attack as opposed to what she told the family members of the four dead Americans regarding the now infamous video.


Q- "Somebody's lying. Who is it?"

HC-"It's not me. That's all I can tell you."

And note also that she told George Stephanopoulos that she never told the victims' families that a video was responsible for the attack. She suggests that "the fog of war" was responsible for all the confusion. There was no fog of war when those family members heard her say that they were going to prosecute that video producer.

This woman is beyond shame.

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Unknown said...

Obama is hiding a dark secret that just came out and this effects you!