Once Again Netanyahu Shames UN and Obama

Gary Fouse

Hat tip American Thinker

Once again, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has shown himself to be a man among Lilliputians every time he goes to speak at the UN. This week was no exception. Speaking before that body of Third World corruptocrats and First World cowards, he pointed out to  them their utter silence in the face of Iran's threats to destroy Israel punctuated by a 44-second pause in his speech while the UN delegates-those who had not walked out-sat on their hands in silence. He told them that he was ready to negotiate with the Palestinians with no conditions. He pointed out to them that they had passed some 40 resolutions against his nation in the past year compared to just one against Syria! He showed them up for the small people they are.

Of course, he was met by silence. There was also silence from our Secretary of State John Kerry and our UN ambassador Samantha Power-because they weren't there. President Obama had pulled them out to attend a White House meeting-just the latest in a long series of snubs against Israel and its prime minister by this administration. The below report, with video of Netanyahu's speech is linked below by American Thinker.


And the Palestinian reaction to Netanyahu's willingness to negotiate? Another massacre. Two Israeli parents were ambushed in their car Thursday night and murdered by Palestinian gunmen before the terrified eyes of their four children, the oldest of whom was 9 years old. (I am surprised they didn't kill the children as well.)


And what is the response of the Palestinian people themselves in The West Bank and Gaza? Horror? Disgust? Statements that the killers do not represent them?

No. What we witness are celebrations and fireworks.


The Palestinians. The only thing they know is hatred. They only thing they know how to do is kill and destroy. Yet, they are the beknighted darlings of the UN and the international left. The UN now even gives them observer status and gives them a role in the International Criminal Court so they can bring human rights lawsuits against Israel. They are celebrated in Europe and the West even though they spit at us.

They are killers. And if they don't do the actual killing, they cheer the actual killers. Mothers even raise their children to be suicide bombers.

And to you in academia, these are the people whose cause you champion no matter how many terrorist attacks they carry out against innocent Israeli civilians or civilians from other countries including our own. This is what you support. This is what you enable. You didn't care about the Munich Olympics massacre in 1972. You didn't care about the Achille Lauro attack in the 1980s. You didn't care about the Israeli buses blown apart by suicide bombers. You didn't care when the Fogel family was butchered in their beds a few years ago including a months-old baby. And you don't care about this latest murder that left four young orphans behind.

Those of you in the Middle East studies departments that infest our universities are too consumed with seeing that Israel is destroyed and becomes Palestine-from the river to the sea-with none of those hated Jews left. And those of you in other departments who have jumped onto this anti-Israeli bandwagon either because of your anti-Western, post-colonial philosophies or just because many of you are nothing more than 99 cent anti-capitalist Marxists, you share in the blame as well.

I have no sympathy with the Palestinian cause. They forfeited that way back in the late 1960s when I watched them skyjacking planes and murdering innocents in the name of their "cause".  In one form or another, they have never left terrorism. A Palestinian state would be nothing more than a base for terrorism and attacking Israel while having to survive on international handouts and welfare.

Of course Benjamin Netanyahu didn't say all that. I did.

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