Salam al Marayati at WH Summit

Gary Fouse

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Salam al Marayati

Yesterday, it was reported that the terrorist-breeding Islamic Cultural Society of Boston was an invitee to the big White House summit on "Countering Violent Extremism", which is being hosted by Joe Biden.

"That's a big f-----' deal."

Today we learn that Salam al Marayati, director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, is also participating.


In addition to what is written above, I can add that Marayati is one of the nation's leading dissemblers and propagandists. MPAC is nothing more than an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Marayati has consistently condemned every attempt by the FBI and local police to fight homegrown terror and identify terrorists in our midst.

In addition, Marayati is one of some 200 leading Muslim figures in the US who are recipients of the Freedom Pledge letter from Former Muslims United in 2009 and 2012, which asked them to sign a simple letter to the effect that Americans who have left Islam should not be harmed. To date, only two have signed and Marayati is not one of them. I personally asked him about this in December 201,2 and he told me he would not sign because there is no death penalty in Islam for apostasy-a blatant lie.

As things are shaping up, no doubt this conference will conclude with a joint statement that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, that terror in general has nothing to do with Islam, that there are many other non-Muslim terror groups out there that are a greater threat to our national security, and that Israel must stop building new settlements, stop their intransigence and end "the occupation and Palestinian suffering."

Have I left anything out?

Dear Reader. Not only has the camel gotten his nose under the tent, he is the tent.

"That's a big f-----' deal."

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