British Muslims Warn Britain on Offending Prophet

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Breitbart and Gates of Vienna

About 10,000 Muslims gathered on Downing Street in London today to warn Britons about the dangers of publishing offensive cartoons. The above speech by someone identified as Abu Tahir makes it clear that freedom of speech that leads to the insulting of the Islamic prophet leads to freedom of action by Muslims (read: violence), and that the British Parliament must pass a law that would criminalize the criticism of the Prophet Muhammad.


Here is more from Breitbart.


We are in a vicious circle. Horrific acts of terror perpetrated by Muslim jihadists around the world lead to public outcries. Serious scholars search for answers in the Koran and the life and sayings of Muhammad. Many of their findings are troubling. Satirists use humor to make their point. Muslims are offended and protest-often violently. Acts of violent retribution are carried out-sometimes in horrific fashion.

Solution? The Islamists say that criticism of Islam and the Prophet must be silenced-by criminal law, no less. Than there will be peace. Non-Muslims in the West say that we cannot and will not give up our freedom of speech and expression, and if certain immigrants don't like it, they can leave and go back where they came from.

You see the vicious circle?

I vote that we never surrender our freedoms. Those who don't want to live in a country with freedom of expression can go elsewhere, where the laws they wish are enforced. There are forces at work today that simply do not go together and never will.

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