Another Idiotic Article in the NY Times

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Jihad Watch has taken on an article written by David Kilpatrick in the New York Times to the effect that Islam is no more violent than any other religion. I don't need to add much to the discussion since JW pretty much covers it.


As JW points out, Kilpatrick opens his piece by killing any counter argument. He does this by stating that "The majority of the scholars and the faithful say that Islam is no more violent than other religions." OK. Case closed

That reminds me of Al Gore's statement that "the debate is settled" on Global Warming (which is now called Climate Change to account for those cold spells that come around every winter).

It also reminds me of those ads that state that, "a recent study suggests that brushing your teeth every day with Colgate will prevent your teeth from falling out."

But there is more. Kilpatrick brings in a political science professor from UC Berkeley named M. Steven Fish. He did a study and wrote a book.

“Is Islam violent? I would say absolutely not,” Mr. Fish said in an interview. “There is very little empirical evidence that Islam is violent.”

I suggest Professor Fish pick up a newspaper or turn on the news. Kilpatrick might do the same. He should find one within easy reach.

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