We Honor All Who Serve This Veterans Day, and Every Day…from The Last Refuge

I am sharing this one for Veteran's Day, November 11, 2014 from the Treehouse or The Last Refuge, same site. The treehouse has indeed become a place of refuge and comfort for me.

On the heels of the mid-term elections, this nation has been given much to think about. 

This administration has done so much damage to our military with cuts, the purging of many of our best commanders and leaders, all for making the military to be more politically correct. To this administration I say NUTS. The disrespect shown to our military and veterans is disgusting. 

I chose this post to nick as it is to the point and the images used are perfect. I did add a couple of extra images that I felt were proper. Explanation at end of post and I will not say anything else except this:

Thank you to all our veterans, past, present and future. To my dad, grandfather,  and others in my family who served, thank you. PatriotUSA


We Honor All Who Serve This Veterans Day, and Every Day…
By Sundance

The last two pictures were added by me. I felt these two were proper and right for Veteran's Day. The first one as it symbolizes the fight for our Republic from the earliest days. The very foundations that were laid out for our country. Our veterans have served, fought, died through war and peaceful times.

The last picture really speaks for itself. Many serve to keep their country and countrymen out of harms way and for freedom. That last word, freedom is what Veteran's Day is all about at least to me and THANKING those who have served to help ensure our freedom. A constant struggle so that our children may know peace. Thank you again and ours is a debt we can never repay to those who have served.

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