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A very sad and moving poem from a Facebook friend who resides in England.

The country is buckling from the onslaught of unchecked Muslim or Asian immigration. Once fair and fine England is now becoming like much of Europe. I have used the terms Britainistan and Europistan for several years now. What Beth Baron writes about here is the direct result of stupid, assinine immigration policies fueled by greed, political correctness, excessive diversity and multiculturalism. This is what happens when you let Islam and sharia law gain a toehold inside a country. The cancer spreads from the toe up to the heart, and then starts strangling the collective soul of the country. Islam is a vile political ideology. It is not and never will be compatible with the West. Islam should be banned. Muslim immigration should be banned. There is no middle ground here nor has there been over 1400 years of Islamic history.

There is no peace with Islam and with Islam there will NEVER be peace. PatriotUSA


At The Courthouse

A Poem by Beth Baron

The family stand huddled in the hall
I watch as the man puts his arms 'round them all
The look on their faces tells me all I need to know
The verdict is in and it's a body blow

It was only a few years before
When the teenager beside them had been carefree and sure
That unsullied girl had grown up too soon
Because no one told her:
"He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon"

The men who had raped her, abused her and more
are also standing just down the hall
They are crowing; their lawyer had said they'd go free
to repeat the 'grooming' process with impunity

The man looks down at the lass by his side
Her face is overflowing with tears; like full tide
His mind is consumed with revenge and regret
His wife simpy wishes that they'd never met

They called and called to South Yorkshire Police
but those supercilious coppers cared not the least
They told them their girl had made 'lifestyle choices'
not caring or hearing their desperate voices

They showed them the marks on her arms and her legs
The heroin tracks and the marks from the bed[s]
where multiple men had taken their turn
While she vomited and cried for her Mum and her home

The verdict is in and it's a body blow
The scum who did this are now free to go
For four long years they moved her around
to share her with dozens of men, in as many towns

How many back rooms? How many kebab shops?
How many vile and stinking rooms where she begged them to stop
How many men? It's impossible to say...
The memories though, just don't go away

There is no justice for people like this
English working class concerns have been ignored and dismissed
The men and women who already bear the worst...
now find their daughters sacrificed to the multicultural curse

There are literally thousands and that's for sure
Teenagers [and younger] who don't laugh any more
The truth is that those at grass roots, paid to care,
are self-loathing cowards who are simply too scared

The root cause of this hell is Marxism no doubt
The shock troops of Common Purpose corrupting throughout
The time has come to rise up and say:
"You insane bastards, you've had your day!"

I wonder what the great grandparents of these girls would say?
The good folk who brought their families up the right way
When they look down upon their kin
being thrown like worthless trash into the PC dustbin?

If your heart breaks for the England of yore
If the plight of these girls fills you with horror
Unite with others who feel as you do
Speak up now! For all is lost, unless you do...

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Findalis said...

The British Police are NOT to be trusted. Each and every one of them are on the take.

Either the British stand up and take their nation back by kicking out the Muslim invaders or they should convert to Islam to be accepted.

Findalis said...

Or they can decide to have a civil war and get rid of their Muslims, police, and Royal Family who support the Muslim cause.