Worse than Eric Holder-it is possible.

I know of this racist and NONE of it is good.

He could be the worst pick possible to replace Eric Holder. This man is a pure and complete racist and makes any KKK member look like an angel.

If you are not aware of Tom Perez, you must educate yourself and fast. If you thinking of sitting out the elections this year, I urge you not to do so. I also am asking you to vote conservative and punch the democrats ticket out of Mordor on the Potomac.

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This man is not good for me, you, or our children. He is not safe nor is he good for these United States of America. PatriotUSA

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Top Of The List To Replace Eric Holder Is Left-Wing Radical Tom Perez – A Governmental Racist and Liberal Of The Highest Magnitude…

Inside the beltway conversation has all but announced the nomination of current labor secretary Tom Perez to replace Eric Holder. If you were inclined to think of Eric Holder as an activist Attorney General, you can multiply that by infinite magnitudes with Tom Perez. We have researched him for several years as his job before Labor Secretary was the head of the CRS.

Tom perez and Eric Holder

However there are two serious issues which could disqualify Perez from contention to the job, IF they are reviewed by the Senate.

The first was his attachment to an illegal quid-pro-quo scheme.

Back in 2013 a St. Paul, Minnesota community activist, Frederick Newell, appeared before a senate committee to expose (discuss) a $200 million whistleblower lawsuit that Tom Perez, the head of the Department of Justice’s civil rights enforcement, allegedly dismissed as part of a quid pro quo deal with the city of St. Paul.

The city withdrew a petition that was headed to the Supreme Court in a case that would have easily overturned the concept of disparate impact, a racial discrimination doctrine that Perez supports.

The concept of disparate impact is the lynch pin to the entire construct of the DOJ’s approaches toward activist engineering and policy – a supreme court ruling against the application of disparate impact would have destroyed years of social engineering work done by the DOJ.

In exchange for St. Paul dropping the Supreme Court case, the DOJ dropped their support for a whistleblower lawsuit against the city citing the lawsuit having no merit.

In addition to the race-based controversy surrounding the Minnesota, St Paul, quid-pro-quo, we have previously outlined some other perhaps more alarming issues:
To call Perez a radical is to do an injustice to the term itself. Tom Perez is a racial radical, a specific and intentional race based politico of the highest order.

Much of the information you will read about Perez will outline his warm affection to Islam in general, and to Sharia Law specifically. That alone should be alarming to the casually interested. But his ideological perspectives and his previous institutional activity within the Dept Of Justice should raise alarm levels to infinity.

Tom Perez was head of the “Civil Rights Division” within the DOJ. In that position he is in charge of the Community Relations Service, the super-secret race-based sub agency affectionately, and ironically, called “The Peacekeepers”.

Both Eric Holder and Tom Perez use the Dept of Justice to deliver their perspectives of social justice to the larger population. It is the ideology of considering race first, and behavior second, which has led to numerous alarming proclamations from various elements within the larger Federal apparatus.

A four year investigation concluded with a scathing 250 page report outlining the horrific nature of the Civil Rights division within the DOJ and the application of law based on race. (pdf here)

In order for Perez to get through the confirmation process the GOP will have to ignore the report above.   It is really devastating in its directly calling out the unlawful application of justice based purely on the race of the individuals or group.

[I would urge everyone to print and read that pdf above - it will blow your mind] 

Under any normal circumstance the substance within that report would disqualify ANYONE from holding such an important office.  But this is Obama’s America, so anything is possible now.

Consider these social engineering examples:

- In an effort to address what they view as “wrongs” school discipline is now being considered based on race and not behavior.

- In an effort to address black employment, movement is now underway to stop criminal background checks from being allowed as a qualifier for hiring.

These and other manipulative efforts on behalf of the DOJ, and various entities who look to the DOJ for process enforcement (example EEOC), are leading to a very alarming application of law; One that first looks at race, then after review of racial context looks at the behavior of the person, to determine unlawful considerations.

This ‘race as a defining prism’ approach should alarm everyone. Yet there is a strong possibility Tom Perez will be the next nominee for U.S. attorney general…. to continue the Eric Holder legacy.

Perez comes from Maryland – to understand how far he would push the limits of social engineering look at examples of his ideological perspectives/policies as they are executed – and their actual engagements HERE.

Source is here.

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