"Fed Up, Furious and Disgusted"


Killer, stone awesome and the  some. Fine rant and superbly done.

I read this and immediately knew I had to share this here. I requested permission to re-post and was granted permission to do so. The author has requested that their name be omitted from the post and I have honored their request. Passionate, to the point and what you will read is all true. EVERY word of this is true. What the author states is true for EVERY country that has to deal with Islam and radical Muslims.

There is no peace with Islam and with Islam, there can NEVER be peace. PatriotUSA


"Fed Up, Furious and Disgusted"

 I'm damned bloody FED UP of Islam! This is not a horror movie, nor is this a bad nightmare, this is REAL life and REAL lives.

I'm FED UP that every single minute of every single day there are the most evil, barbaric, violent, inhumane atrocities occurring all around the world all in the name of "Allah".
I'm FED UP that nobody seemingly has the guts or spine to step up and stop this - yes to STOP IT, once and for all! You oh so politically correct waste of space and oxygen thieves United Nations, YOU world leaders with no guts!

I'm FED UP of the rest of the world bowing down to these mongrels and being too afraid to speak out and take a solid stand for fear of "offending" these bastards. Tippy toeing around this major problem on egg shells! Believe it or not, it is no longer becoming a VERY serious problem, it is NOW an extremely serious problem, right here and right now, and all around the world.

I'm FURIOUS with the bleeding hearts who are so blind and who have their heads so far up their arses blatantly ignoring issues such as FGM, honour killings, child marriages to filthy rotten maggots, rapes and other heinous crimes that are occurring RIGHT NOW in our own backyards. Oh yes, the bleeding hearts' barkings and howlings over these issues are never heard and their silence speaks volumes.

I’m FURIOUS that both the Labor Government, the Greens and all of those imbecile bleeding hearts that voted for them, have allowed this to happen and still continue to whinge and whine and howl about allowing more and more in. I've said it before and I'll say it again, their hearts only ever bleed when it suits their own political agendas.
I’m FURIOUS with the continuous blatant ignorance, the denial and the crocodile tears of the socialist left who welcome with open arms, this dangerous and evil cult, these people filled with such hatred and such rage towards everything we, in the western world, hold dear and precious.

They are conveniently delusional towards the psychopathic mindset, rage and hatred filled within. Now, I'm no rocket scientist, however even I can see what is happening, and what has indeed already happened throughout America, Europe and Great Britain.... Joining the dots isn't too difficult between Islam and horrendous violence, crime and terrorism.
How did these once beautiful Countries become so blind, so delusional, so welcoming, so accepting and so tolerant, yet now so incredibly afraid and living in fear?

Has anyone ever heard the socialist left agree with any factors of the downside of immigration by these people, or indeed has anyone ever heard them speak negatively of Islam or ever agreed that they simply refuse to assimilate?

Nooooooooooooo! They bury those inconvenient truths oh so very deep and their selective hearing - Hear no evil, see no evil!

The only upside of these crimmigrants is that their presence has created more jobs, particularly for those who work within the Middle Eastern Crime Units!

I'm FURIOUS with the increased crime rates, the drive by shootings, stabbings and many other violent crimes happening here every day because violence is inbred in them, it's the only way the majority of them know! Violence is their culture, it is in their DNA.
I'm FED UP of these bastards disrespecting our way of life, disrespecting our freedom, disrespecting our laws and basically spitting all over our beautiful Country and its people and all that our forefathers sacrificed and fought for.

I’m FURIOUS with our justice system continuously making allowances for, and delivering lenient sentences based on defences of cultural and religious differences - helllooooooo? Can you see my "pinkie wave"?

Cultural and religious differences? Here’s my view –

DON'T come here, DON'T let the bastards in until they are EDUCATED on OUR culture, on OUR what's right and wrong and on OUR laws! Oh and by the way, what's the excuse for the ones that were born and bred here? Huh?

They are a law unto themselves and their arrogance and sheer total lack of respect for any common decency, they truly believe they are above the law.

I'm FURIOUS that these mongrels get everything handed to them on a silver platter, come here for a nice cosy free lifestyle, and yet bring their violence and their hatred and loathing towards us with them. They never ever give, all they ever do is take and take and take, with a sniggering and smug smile to disguise the hatred and loathing they hide deep within their dark and sinister eyes, of those they greedily take from.

Still, the socialist left support them with open arms!

Oh and here’s a charming thought - who in the hell gave them, and when exactly did they begin to receive, more damned rights and special privileges and treatment than the rest of us? Because they sure as hell are receiving them every single day.

I'm FURIOUS with social networking constantly closing down or blocking many forms of any anti Islamic supposed "free speech", yet still allowing Islamic threats, beheadings, heinous crimes and the most graphic, vile, inhumane images to be circulated with pride all in the name of "Islam".

I’m FURIOUS that for years and years, so many people of Australia have had their eyes closed and have lacked the insight and have refused to acknowledge the danger of the infiltration of Islam, that they have shown nothing other than sheer ignorance and denial as to the evils which now surround us in our own home.

I’m FURIOUS, and there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, that before we know it, we will wake up one day and find ourselves the MINORITY in our own beautiful country.
We have remained complacent for far, far too long and I fear that it is far too late.
I'm DISGUSTED of what our beautiful Country, no longer is simply becoming, but has already NOW become.

Wake up Australia, you have been asleep for far too long and you now have every reason to be very, very afraid for, not only Australia's future, but Australia's present.
This is not about immigration, this is not about diversity nor is this about multiculturalism, this is infiltration, Islam is Islam - it has never, nor will ever assimilate, nor will it ever accept or respect anything other than Islam.
Nor is this fear mongering, it is the TRUTH!

Our country has been built on harmonious immigration, we have welcomed immigration and multiculturalism from all corners of the globe, and from those corners people have adapted and embraced the Australian way of life, all except for these bastards who do not even know, nor are they willing to even attempt to try to understand, the meaning of "harmony", "acceptance" and "tolerance".

There are so many words to describe Islam: dark, sinister, evil, treacherous, barbaric, cruel, and our worst enemy in every western society. A "peaceful religion"? Oh give me a break! It is not peaceful nor is it a religion, it is a sick, twisted, violent, brainwashed political, totalitarian, militaristic, cult and ideology, hiding within a so called “religion”.
Do you honestly believe these grubs love our beautiful Australia with their heart and soul like the rest of us? Do you honestly believe, should a war break out, they would raise their hands to defend our beautiful Nation?

Nope! Not for a second! Sure, there may be a few, but I guarantee that "few" would struggle to fill a mosque or a kebab shop!

Australia needs to be cleansed back to its former glory, because we are in for one hell of a ride with Islam over the next few years

This vicious battle has only just begun, the enemy now lives amongst us and this is not a matter of keeping our enemies close. They are way too close and gaining far too much power.

This is now Islam –V- A Free Civil World.

Oh and yes, political correctness and Allah can kiss my %$#!

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