Video of Saturday's Pro-Palestinian Protest in LA

Gary Fouse

Below are videos I took Saturday at the pro-Palestinian protest in front of the Federal Building in Westwood between 1-5 pm.

As the Arab Christian protesters pack up to leave, the pro-Palestinian protesters move in.

In the above clip, you see the pro-Hamas thugs swarming the man (blue t-shirt, beard, shaved head and sun glasses) with the anti-Mohammad sign chanting in his face, "Bigots gotta go." At the end, I try to get the attention of the cops.

In this video Sheriff's deputies come to the rescue of the man with the anti-Mohammad sign (bald head, blue t-shirt)

Here is an interview I did with two of the protesters. I asked them a few questions about Hamas. Listen to their answers.

This clip lasts almost 11 minutes. Watch what happens to the man in the yellow shirt holding an Israeli flag and his blond female companion with the blonde hair as they are swarmed and followed across the street until they reach a group of pro-Palestinian supporters. Only at this point are there cops there to protect them. You can here my voice trying to get the attention of the police as to the developing problem.

 "Baby killers"

In the above video, the muscular young man in the grey t-shirt with shaved head at one point (after this clip) chanted "Long live Jihad. Long live Hamas"" at the pro-Israeli protesters. I was not ten feet from him and heard it clearly. I thought I had it captured on video, but it seems I did not. I don't doubt, however, that someone else has it on their tape.

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