Commieshucetts: the model for all gun hating states

If you live in Massachusetts and this new law is not the straw that breaks YOUR back and wakes you up to leave, no flee, the new satellite state of COMMIESHUCETTS, then you comrade, deserve what you get. This is like living under Islam and sharia law but worse as the means to defend your family, yourself, has been totally stripped away from you by the regime that thinks it knows what is best for me, you and of course what else, the children. It is ALWAYS for the children.

Myself and many others will not feel anything for you. How many warnings do you, I , we need to realize that these gun grabbing pinkos, red diaper babies, stooges of the new wave of progressive, regressive reform, education, and social warfare want to take every gun away from us. I mean EVERY gun.

Here in the hinterlands of the high desert, in the burg where I reside, I just found out that it is now illegal to discharge 'ANY' gun within the city limits. So I did a bit of checking the chekists have just about covered any 'type' of gun, to the point of it being absurd but not in any way shape or form funny. Here locally, 'gun' includes pellet, BB, Nerf, air soft, and anything that RESEMBLES a gun even it it shoots popcorn, Styrofoam, cardboard, little pieces of potato, water pistols or soakers, cap, pop guns, dart guns, the list was quite extensive.

What the gun hating liberals have done in Massachusetts is all but removed your second amendment rights. What is really sad about this is that the 'pro-gun ' group Gun Owners Action League actually is calling this bill a 'win' and that we should all relax and go back to sleep because the original bill  was much worse than this one passed. Many in Law enforcement plan to use the new bill to REVOKE EXISTING Firearms Owner ID cards or FOIDs. I hope the bill is challenged and overturned but considering this is in Massachusetts, I have serious doubts. PatriotUSA

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Poly-Ticks: Extreme anti-gun law passes in MA

The gun law that emerged from the conference committee in Massachusetts has the state’s anti-gun politicians, mostly but not all Democrats, thrilled; it makes the right to have any gun at all, including a single-shot shotgun, subject to police discretion.

The law erases, or, pending court action we might say attempts to erase, the 2nd Amendment from the rights of subjects of and visitors to the Bay State and converts them into a privilege bestowed, or not, by a police official; although the cop must seek a rubber stamp from a Massachusetts court to deny the right. This was not a near-run thing: the vote was extremely lopsided, 122-29 in the state House and 37-3 in the state Senate.

A denied person can appeal — to an anti-gun Massachusetts judge. Already, police oathbreakers throughout the Bay State are high-fiving over their new authoritah. Police already had unfettered discretion over hand guns and semi-automatic centerfire rifles, the possession of which requires a pistol permit under the state’s byzantine gun laws.

Despite the liberal dream regime of the nation’s strictest gun control; lax, idle policing; suspect-friendly and victim-hostile courts; and, not least, short sentences in “program”-rich prisons, the state has a great deal of gang activity and violent crime, far more per capita than other New England states. For some ironic reason some of the most liberal conurbations are foremost in the crime statistics, and the very leading cities are the ones where the police exercise their permit discretion most narrowly, for some counterintuitive reason (if you’re a newspaper reporter).
People's Republic of Massachusetts

All of the state’s liberal, anti-gun papers have editorialized in favor of the ban. The Boston Globe (which favored an even stricter version that did not pass). The Boston Herald. The Worcester Telegram (which sounded almost pro-gun, praising this anti-gun bill). The Springfield Republican-American (theirs does not seem to be on line). The Quincy Patriot-Ledger and Metro-West Daily NewsThe Hampshire Gazette, from the Sapphic mecca of Northampton. The Lowell Sun was a rare exception among the top 10 ABC circulation papers in the state; it didn’t comment on this bill but has previously called for control of “politicians, not gun owners.”

Republicans are as useless as Democrats in the Bay State, but the Democrats can get way out there. One candidate for Attorney General, Warren Tolman, called for a sweeping ban on all handguns until “smart gun” technology is developed, then backed off to “new guns.” His primary opponent, Maura Healey, continues to insist she’s to the hard, totalitarian left of Tolman on the issue.

The weak in-state gun rights group, the Gun Owners’ Action League, accepted the law as an appeasement measure, an important milestone in GOAL’s slide to irrelevance. GOAL’s point was that the original draft language was even worse, so this bill was a win, and MA subjects gain a right to have their denial heard by a judge, and — whoopie-do — won’t need the new may-issue FID Card for pepper spray. Clearly, their chains rest lightly upon their shoulders, and their manacles are but a sign of how much their Master values them.
Boston Police Chief Evans celebrated the law, and intends to use it to deny long gun licenses (“Firearms Owner ID Cards”) and gun registration to all but the police and those connected to organized crime — in Boston, two sets with a big intersection. He also plans to “review” existing FOIDs, with a view to revoking most of them.

How’s the law going to work for Evans? Well, first let’s take a look at his department’s performance on homicides: poor. Over the last ten years, Evans’s record is to leave more than half of homicides cold cases, unsolved). Evans appears unconcerned about his department’s worse-than-this-year’s-Red-Sox record, but a series of exposés of the underperforming homicide unit in the Boston Herald seem to have stirred Marty Walsh, a mayor of the public employees’ unions more than a mayor of the murder victims, to discuss, however reluctantly, taking action.
A Herald special report this week found that more than half of the city’s 628 homicides over the 10-year span remain unsolved and that murder clearance rates are marked by disparities in 
everything from neighborhood to race of the victim. Black males, for example, were 10 times more likely to be murdered than white males — but their killers were caught at a 38 percent rate compared with a 79 percent rate for whites.
They don’t even aim very high: their target is a 50% clearance rate (the case is cleared if a suspect is identified, even if he is not arrested, not tried, or acquitted). They’ve only hit that target two years running once, and barely, former chief Ed Davis told the Herald. On the plus side, if they go as far as indictment, they almost always win a conviction (90+%), so they seem to be holding cases for strong and convincing evidence, which is a factor in the low closure rate (most big cities are over 60%, so Boston’s a lot worse than its peers). Here’s the whole Herald series:
Justice on Hold:
Since we didn’t have the ambition to sieve through the 628 murders over 10 years, 336 of which are now, or are becoming, cold cases, we took a quick spin through the 29 murders Boston has experienced in 2014. A handful of them were with knives, so those are unlikely to be affected by Evans’s anti-legal-gun-owner push. Given Evans’s low prioritization of actual crime fighting as opposed to gun-owner fighting, a significant number remain, as you might expect, unsolved. Of the solved cases, the amount committed by registered, licensed gun owners, or any legal gun owners, appears to be … zero. Committed with long guns? Zero. Committed by activists with GOAL or the NRA, Evans’s and Walsh’s favorite whipping boys? Zero. Committed by gang members, felons, teens and other Federally prohibited persons — just about all of ‘em.

Likely effect of Evans’s top “crime-fighting” priority: zero.

Maybe his priority is not crime fighting.

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