Why We Don't See Hamas Fighters in Action

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Algemeiner

Isn't it odd that every time Israel goes into a period of fighting against Hamas in Gaza or Hizbollah in Lebanon, Western journalists are there and are recording all those scenes we see of civilians who have been killed and injured in the fighting, but we rarely, if ever, see scenes of Hamas or Hizbollah fighters in action? Of course, as we know, that would involve showing them fighting from pockets of civilian populations or launching rockets from schools, mosques or hospitals. Why is it we never see that? We don't even see scenes of these guys in the streets firing away at Israeli troops. Why not? The journalists are there.

Maybe this report from Algemeiner will help shed light on that question.


Isn't it time that the Western media come clean about how Hamas is fighting this war-as they have fought previous wars- from the middle of their civilians? Why is it that our own leaders cannot publicly acknowledge that fact? Today, President Obama's new press secretary, Josh Earnest, condemned Israel for the latest rocket that killed civilians even before we know who actually fired the rocket. Where is the condemnation of Hamas using its people as shields for their fighters and weapons? Why does our government and media try to make a moral equivalence between our democratic ally and a terrorist organization? Why is it that in Western counties that enjoy freedom of the press and speech, we can't get an honest accounting of the circumstances that lead to civilian Palestinian deaths?

Maybe the Spanish journalist has provided the answer as to why we never see images of the Hamas fighters in action.

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Dymphna said...

Every day this country becomes more surreal.

In college I spent a few weeks slogging thru some bilge from the Absurdist playwrights:


I transferred outta there real quick. The rest of 'em could wait for Godot till the cows came home.

Haven't thought of those dudes in years, but your mention of our "president's" new press secretary reminded me of those horrid weeks.When I first saw his name, I thought it was a joke. Then when I found out that Mr. Josh Earnest was actually burdened with that name, I figured that sticking him with "Josh" was a form of child abuse. Sure, it's 'cute' now - probably even got him a few dates in college - but can you imagine the hell of childhood as he walked around with that name. Man, I'll bet he had to gird his loins at the beginning of every school year.

No wonder the man is a liberal. No wonder he's willing to work under BHO. He's been brain-damaged by hippie parents. Right up there with Atomic Zagnut and Moon Unit and China.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the kind words. I was thinking of you yesterday.


Because it finally rained after a VERY long dry period, a dry period which allowed the crabgrass to issue forth and begin fluorescing. It was a good, solid day long rain. Not quite Oregon, but hey...definitely worth prayers of thanksgiving.

So now I have my flame thrower, ready to put that weed out of my misery...or at least as much as I can get with one small propane canister.

I will pretend I am putting to the fire all those lawless "Executive Directives"...

BTW, have been rooting around for a political moniker to describe my current condition. I've decided I'm a libertarian populist.