You hit like a girl! @Mozilla @Firefox

Bullying, no matter from what crowd, deserves to be spotlighted for the cancer that it is and for the world to see. 

There is absolutely nothing that I have read that says Eich brought his personal beliefs into the workplace prior to his having been made CEO and it was definitely known before that time that he had made the donation. Certainly his prior performance had to have been stellar for him to have been given that job!
It is their weak board, bullied by a minority of their users, that knuckled under to pressure, became the bully themselves, and ended up bringing their personal beliefs into the workplace!
Standing up to bullies can be very painful but the alternative is we serve another master. Stand up and the brass ring on the carousel is yours!

From the comment section at American Digest by B. Lewis

I am a professional actor, among other things. A few years ago, when I made it clear my opposition to so-called gay marriage, an industrywide whisper and smear campaign was instituted against me. I was told by more than one colleague — in no uncertain terms — that I was an evil bigot. I was publicly insulted by people I had been friends with for years. I was disinvited from all industry events. All my then-current speaking engagements were cancelled peremptorily. Audition invitations ceased. I was roared at in bars, in professional conferences, and online. Web sites dedicated to shaming and ridiculing me were created. I was warned that my continued opposition would result in legal action, publicity, and boycotts of our family business. It was even suggested that this world would be a better place if I were beaten senseless or made to disappear.My response: I gave them all the Finger, redoubled my public opposition to sodomy, and invited them to do their worst.

Result: after a few months of tolerably hard times, I refocused my career in another direction. I now have a higher income than I did before, opportunities are on the increase, and I live in a bigger house on a private lake in a swanky doctor-and-lawyer neighborhood. The hate websites are all gone. Some of my former friends, who once publicly repudiated me as an enemy of mankind, are now beginning to inquire if I might be interested in hanging out sometime. (To no avail; I now have a completely different and much more loyal set of friends.) I have since published another book (my second) and have two more in progress. One of the studios, at which I was bluntly informed I should never again show my face, is calling me in for parts again — small parts, but paying work nonetheless. Hell, I even have a boat now.

But even if I and my family had been reduced to poverty, my response would have been the same. I would rather eat grass and live in a Dumpster than represent a lie as Truth.

Folks, don’t surrender to these perverts and their mindless lackeys. Defy them. Scorn them. Fight back — if not for God’s sake, then for your own respect as a free man. And if it means you get the shit beaten out of you — figuratively or literally — then speak through your bloody teeth the following words: “You hit like a girl”.

Never cave in to bullies. Never, never, never, never cave in to bullies. Stand up to them, despite them, and show them how a real man lives.

Or be their slave. Your choice.

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PatriotUSA said...

As bad as move as this was, I have resisted switching from FF. As you and I both know, Google is worse than than Mozilla, by far. I have played around with both Chrome and one i like a better, Pale Moon. I ain't switched over yet and find this stampede away from Mozilla somewhat irritating. I will NOT switch to chrome period. If I could figure out how to move this site over to WP, I would but seems I have enough on the burners right now. :)

Nick said...

I've been using torch lately.

The startpage search engine is also worth knowing about.