Barnhardt on Ukraine and the KGB bastard Putin

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Ukraine is a very complex country and this part of Europe has been brutalized, occupied, suffered from genocide, occupation and the wealth of this region taken at the point of a gun. Numerous ethnic people, enslaved, shipped to camps, murdered, and forced out of the country after WW2. It is not easy to understand nor is the media telling the truth. No surprises here.

Putin is a ruthless KGB mastermind assassin. It is completely disheartening and totally alarming how so many 'conservatives' are in love with this cold blooded killer. The old Soviet Union is alive and well under Putin's iron strangle hold. Obama will do what? The EU will do what? NATO will do what?

I have just finished an excellent book, Savage Continent. This is an outstanding book on what took place in Europe after WW2. Following what is going on in Europe, reading this book and so much of what has happened and what is yet to come, it is clear we have truly learned nothing from history.

Ann Barnhardt does a fine job here as only she can do. Many of us already know what she has shared in the past. It is not a pretty, the end has to be played out and the devious nature of those who are in this for the money and global power are truly disgusting. Not a time for the faint of heart or of weak constitution who are unwilling to pull the trigger in defense of freedom against all enemies, DOMESTIC and FOREIGN. PatriotUSA


Numerous Points on Putin, Ukraine and the Watching the Unthinkable Unfold

1.  Hopefully you have read the “Spectral Doughnut” piece and understand that far-left and far-right are, in praxis, the same, and that the saavy players on each side FULLY understand this.  To wit, Putin.  I have to tell you, it is absolutely chilling – as in making the hair on the back of my neck stand up – to see in my email box how many of you people are falling hook, line and sinker for Putin.  The man is a murderous psychopath.  LOOK at him.  Look at the dead eyes – what you can still see of them after he has literally mutilated his face with plastic surgery.  Oh, and never mind all of the people who have been “disappeared” under the Putin regime.  Never mind that Putin is stone-cold KGB to the core.  No, never mind all of that.  Hey, the guy has made some gestures against the sodomites, and went into a church (a Russian orthodox church, which has been, since its inception, trying to find new and ever-more creative ways of capitulating and kowtowing to whatever rotten government is currently in power) and crossed himself.  Well, hells bells! It’s the second coming of Constantine, here to save the world!

Vladimir Putin is an evil, megalomaniacal, godless psychopath tyrant.  And you people are hitching your wagon to him?  The so-called “conservative right” in the former United States is EMBRACING A SOVIET TYRANT.  It is stunning to behold the blindness.  A neo-Stalinist tyrant is the honest-to-goodness posterboy and hero of the American right. Beam me up, Scotty.

2.  And so to Ukraine.  I have been warning people (specifically Canadian Ukrainians, of whom I have met many through the cattle business and otherwise) that it is a massive mistake for Ukraine to frame the choice as between Putin’s Moscow and Europe.  Their reply is that they aren’t referring to contemporary Europe, but rather the historical relative freedom – and note I said RELATIVE freedom – of Europe as well as the HISTORICAL European cultural paradigm, as opposed to the Russian political, economic and cultural paradigm, which is really just the latter-day manifestation of the Mongol Empire.  Have you ever noticed how Russians have a certain… look?  Yeah.  That’s the mixture of the Mongols with the Rus.  And it ain’t just the DNA.  It’s the CULTURE. Brutal. Tyrannical. Lusting power and territory. Kill or be killed.

I guess the most accurate way to state the macro dynamic is thus: the Ukraininans are choosing between the Mongol paradigm and the Christian paradigm.  Sadly, they have no idea how far gone contemporary Europe is. They don’t realize that the Mongol paradigm has fully infiltrated and overthrown Europe – and the former United States – in a stealth coup spearheaded by Communists.  So yes, unless Ukraine attempts to stand alone, it will be out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I reckon that most of you have watched at least some of my Economics Presentation. For those of you who have, you realize how utterly dire the financial situation is.  But how many people truly understand it?  How many people have any idea of the enormity of what has been done by the bankster oligarchs in the former U.S. and Europe?  The Ukrainian peasants and workers who are taking to the streets demanding that the rape of their country by Putin’s toadie oligarchs stop – do you think THOSE people have any clue as to the debt situation in the west?  Hell, the people IN THE WEST have no idea whatsoever what is going on. Why would you think the Ukrainian underclass would understand it?  All they know is that a handful of people have stolen nearly all of the wealth in their country, and they want it to stop. No more gold toilets.  Sadly, they haven’t realized yet that the “Europe” and the “west” that once was, no longer exist, and are simply the same thing as the Russian oligarchy, except with a different cast of characters, many of whom are servile to Putin already.  It is so terribly sad to watch.

3.  I have to mention Lyndon LaRouche because I get a lot of emails from so-called American conservatives who are falling for and actively spreading LaRouche propaganda, specifically in regards to Ukraine.  LaRouche’s strategy is the same as Putin’s.  LaRouche is a super-hard left nutcase.  LaRouche, by all accounts, is a certifiable megalomaniac, but is very smart.  He realized long ago that the super-hard left could literally reach out and touch the super-hard right.  LaRouche hates Obama and has been sending his people to Tea Party events since 2008, attracting attention with his anti-Obama literature.  LaRouche, like Putin, makes token propaganda statements against sodomites and banksters – and Obama – and has the Tea Partiers eating out of his hand.  But do you know the reason WHY LaRouche hates Obama?  Because Obama isn’t far enough to the LEFT.  LaRouche wanted the Obama regime to immediately impose a single-payer healthcare monstrosity by executive diktat in early 2009.  We all know that single-payer tyrannical control of all healthcare delivery is where this ObamaCare plan is going, and it was designed as such all along.  But LaRouche wanted single-payer IMMEDIATELY, and when that didn’t happen, he went to war against Obama, sucking people on the right into his gaping, fanged, commie maw.  I figured that most people were saavy to LaRouche by now and knew what he was, but apparently not.  But, in these dark days, tyrants like Putin and hacks like LaRouche thrive.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

4.  I admit to having a false hope that the Ukrainians would be able to get rid of Yanukovich and the oligarch tyranny they had been living under without Putin moving in on them.  Then Obama got down on his knees and utterly capitulated to Putin (how can anyone be surprised by this?) and now it is clear that global dynamics have turned a truly ominous corner.  Putin, and China for that matter, now know with utter and complete certainty that they can do ANYTHING and there will be zero response by the U.S.  Ladies and gents, you may tell yourselves that the U.S. still has the strongest military in the world, but you are kidding yourselves.  A military that will never, ever, under any circumstances deploy against anything other than mentally retarded goathumpers merely as a means of generating cash flow and revenue for oligarchs and other assorted looters of the Treasury, and even then will intentionally allow said mentally retarded goathumpers to BEAT THEM in order to perpetuate the looting – a military that everyone knows will never, ever deploy against a legitimate power like Russia or China, is NO MILITARY AT ALL.  If you refuse to fight, if you refuse to win, then your EFFECTIVE arsenal is ZERO, regardless of how many trillions upon trillions it “costs”.  And make no mistake, everyone now knows that the U.S. is basically a non-entity militarily vis-a-vis a Sino-Russian axis.  Given this, why WOULDN’T a nut like Putin invade Ukraine and recapture it for his neo-Mongol empire?  Capital outflows?  Oh, it will be back.  The markets, especially in these dark days, will ruthlessly gravitate toward a “winner”. There may be short-term chop, but the attraction to strength and power will attract capital in the medium-term.

I told a friend in the late summer of ARSH 2008, just as it was becoming clear that the Obama usurpation and overthrow would be accomplished, that we wouldn’t escape an Obama regime without World War 3 breaking out and ultimately Chinese boots on the ground in North America.  I remember clearly the sight of his face falling as he thought to himself that I was a loon.  And now here we are.  Everyone with a brain in their head now realizes that both items are well within the realm of possibility.  The European landmass is at risk.  Japan and South Korea are at risk.  Australia and New Zealand couldn’t defend themselves against China.  And there is no longer a United States of America to act as a bulwark of defense against any Sino-Russian aggression anywhere.  Add onto that the de facto mercenary army of the New Caliphate that will happily ally itself with the strength and potency of Moscow-Beijing, and there you have it.
5.  Finally, on a personal note, after I shut down my brokerage in November of ARSH 2011, I had multiple invitations from RT to do full sit-down interviews on MF Global and the markets in general.  It was even theorized that I might be given a show of my own if I played my cards right.  RT tends towards girls who can “talk good” whilst wearing 4 1/2 inch heels.  I… fit the mold.  I declined, knowing as I did at the time that RT was the English language propaganda arm of the Putin regime.  I was widely criticized for turning down the “opportunity”.  Well, apparently some of the RT on-air talent is now coming around to my position, spurred by the sickening agitprop RT has been pushing with regards to Ukraine and Crimea.  CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO OF LIZ WAHL QUITTING ON-AIR.

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