ATF raids Ares Amor to seize customer names and violates restraining order

I am sure many have been watching this story unfold. The ATF has now broken into Ares Amor. Ares Amor had received a Temporary Restraining Order against the ATF just last week. Apparently the ATF was incensed that Ares Amor would not only refuse to release their customer list but that they went to court to prevent the ATF from obtaining the customer list, protecting their customers and their business.

Note that the lower receivers are now being classified as weapons when they are actually NOT weapons. This is a complete hijacking of the law and legal protections granted by the TRO against the ATF.

Which business is next and no one should feel safe or 'protected' when this type of government agency overreach occurs. PatriotUSA

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Breaking: Ares Armor Raided By ATF For Customer Files, Despite Restraining Order From Judge..Update: Judge Issued “Clarification” Of Prior Order After ATF Ex Parte Application



Information still coming in. We will keep you updated. If you have been a customer, take this under advisement.

This is the Instagram a few moments ago of Jeremy Tuma the COO of Ares:

Backstory here. ATF wanted their customer list, they wouldn’t turn it over. So Ares got a restraining order from the Court. But ATF is apparently raiding anyway, in violation of that order.

Hopefully, the affidavits behind the ex parte application and search warrant will be made public so we can see what the ATF alleged.


Trickery, trickery.

It appears that despite the judge granting the TRO on Wednesday, yesterday the ATF went to the judge ex parte (meaning without the other side, in this case Ares, being present), and got a “clarification” of the prior TRO. This “clarification” seems to give them the green light to apply for a “lawful search”.

IMHO, in order to have a change between Wednesday when the original TRO was granted, the ATF would have had to have alleged Ares was about to get rid of records and that they, the ATF had emergent reasons for going in now rather than waiting till the full hearing that was scheduled for March 20.


Here is the prosecutor’s allegations behind the ex parte allegation.

-They materially misrepresent the lower receivers as “firearms”.
-they essentially argue “how dare Ares use the law to get a TRO against us”, that somehow that was a “trick” on Ares part not to provide the “firearms” as per agreement. But if they had the TRO, they were not required to turn over the weapons.

Source is here from Weasel Zippers

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When are we going to become a nation of men and stand against all tyranny???


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I posted the above comment from anonymous as he at least attached a name to it