AJ's recommended reading list

AJ is truly the WONDER DOG. There is only one and if you had any doubts, see what he just got finished reading. Trains and Classic Trains.

I shared these pictures on Trains Magazine Facebook page and the response was really nice. A few hundred likes and I am hoping AJ will get his picture in a future issue. If you have a moment, go to Trains FB page and like the page and AJ's picture.

The latest issue of Trains was just delivered yesterday and now the magazine is missing. I am pretty sure I know who has run off with it. How can I get upset with my dog who reads such fine magazines? PatriotUSA

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Nick said...

You're not getting those magazines back either!

Findalis said...

Ain't that a fact Nick. Be grateful he isn't a cat. Then you would find them covered in kitty litter.

PatriotUSA said...

Over 600 like and 67 shares on FB.

If AJ ever learns to use a chainsaw then we are all in trouble.