Waste Isolation Pilot Plant WIPP - New Mexico - Radiation leak - Update 2/26/14

From Zack Ponce - Breaking: 13 WIPP employees exposed to radiation - "Thirteen employees of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant were exposed to radiation, according to test results taken the day a radiation leak was detected at the nuclear waste repository." Read here.

MSM still MIA. Unless one considers Russia Today MSM. And NY Times wrote a piece -
"Nuclear Waste Repository Set to Reopen After Leak" Almost two weeks after an unexplained puff of radioactive materials forced the closing of a salt mine in New Mexico that is used to bury nuclear bomb wastes, managers of the mine are planning to send workers back in and are telling nearby residents that their health is safe.
You will pardon me if I do no link to what is oft called the New York Slimes, but if you must you can just copy/paste the title to read the rest.



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Findalis said...

These leaks have been happening from Day 1. It has been hushed up by the Government and Obama is rushing for more facilities like this one.