Sworn to uphold the law or the oath you have taken to uphold the Constitution?

"We are not the Gestapo".

"These are lawful laws".

"I am the master".

Really? I think this this LEO is badly mistaken and we who oppose this are "un-American".
Those who stood up to English Tyranny on Lexington Green were called similar insults.
The answer in Connecticut maybe just the same. PatriotUSA

 Hat tip: BattlefieldUSA

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Andrea said...

Wow. Just absolutely wow.

PatriotUSA said...

Yeah, imagine how pissed I am right at this moment. That this moron in LE thinks as he does and how many more are out there that are with him?

Seriously foul, dark case of permagrump that I am nettled with and by.

There are few words for a dumb ass like this but there are A LOT of calibers that maybe tossed his and LE way in Connecticut.

This fool may yet come to learn what watchers on the watchtowers of Jerusalem really means.