Letters to Senators that didn't an eyelash stir

One Debo Adegbile "worked tirelessly" to free from prison an animal who shot and killed a police officer thirty years ago.

His efforts paid off swimmingly as Hussein Obama nominated him to be head of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. There were those who objected and either their letters got lost in the mail or their words simply held no weight with the The Senate Judiciary Committee as he was approved yesterday on a straight party-line vote.

Democratic Prosecutor Calls Obama's DOJ Nominee Unfit Due to "Extremist Cop Killer" Advocacy
The National Fraternal Order of Police, an organization representing 333,000 men and women in law enforcement, has strongly opposed his nomination and now, long time Democratic Prosecutor Seth Williams is declaring Adegbile unfit for the position inside DOJ. "Mr. Adegbile has impressive credentials," Williams wrote in a letter to Senators Leahy and Grassley earlier this week. "His decision to champion the cause of an extremist cop-killer, however, sends a message of contempt to police officers who risk their lives every day to maintain the peace." Read here.
Democrats Block Widow of Murdered Police Officer From Testifying Against Obama DOJ Nominee Debo Adegbile
Mr. Adegbile holds Mumia Abu-Jamal, a remorseless unrepentant cop killer, in high esteem. We know this because attorneys working under Mr. Adgebile's supervision have stood before public rallies held in support of my husband's killer and openly professed that it was "an extreme honor" to represent the man who put a hollow based bullet into my husband's brain as he lay on the ground, wounded, unarmed and defenseless. And while Mr. Adegbile and those who support his nomination will undoubtedly argue that he did not personally make such statements, he did nothing to counter or stop them. Her letter here.
So the party of we have absolutely gotta control the guns supports the supporter of a convicted cop killer. Who could possibly be confused?


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