If you like snow, you are a racist

Central Oregon has been hit with three decent winter storms in a row. The Northwest is warming up this week and it will be back to all rain and much warmer weather. We had about  22'" of snow and I love bad weather. Most people do not and someone has to enjoy it, so I do. The weather here is actually pretty easy to deal with. Compared to other regions of the country, we have nothing to complain about regarding our weather.

Just from the driveway

There is just one problem with snow, it is WHITE. How would the above picture look with dark, brown, colored or black snow?

Absurd you say? Yes, it is completely ridiculous. Think about this and work with me here. Have I lost what little mind I have left? Perhaps.

Snow is WHITE and if one subscribes to politically correct thinking, because I like snow, I am a racist. Why do I like snow? It is cool looking and each flake is an individual (how global, one UN world community minded is this?). All those billions of snowflakes added up together and just look at what snow can do. Yes, it takes a village or all of your children belong to us type of thing. A nice blanket of snow silences the world, brings it to a standstill and can be a direct cause of cabin fever. While many stress and curse such weather, I find joy in it. It is because I like to see people suffer, or have to deal with the hardships from snow and ice? No, not at all. Just for the record, I am not real fond of snow after it melts, freezes and gets a bit nasty looking. My enjoyment also has to do with snow being white. I am surprised the Obama's, Sharpton's, Jackson's of the Black Grievance Industry have not demanded Eric Holder declare liking snow is racist or must be made in different colors so it is more 'equal, diversified' and quotas get met.

Maybe this picture will help explain the absurdity of political correctness:

How do you think snow would look if it was brown, red, yellow (you know the answer to that) or black? Can you imagine three feet of snow that was not white? Snow of course, gets dirty after a short time and no, it is NOT from evil coal fired power plants. I prefer snow to be white, so color me a racist. The free thinkers who champion political correctness at all costs, color me a racist and they are the ones who need to look in the mirror.

Do you like white milk, white bread, goat cheese, cream cheese, half and half, nasty skim or fat free milk, soy milk, rice milk, tofu, mayonnaise, flour tortillas, white paper, or do you drive a white car? Is chocolate milk more acceptable because it is a darker color? Throw that last one out as chocolate milk has more sugar (gasp!!), yet it did not turn me or my friends into diabetics when we drank it every day when we were in grade school. Do you like dark rye bread, 100% wheat bread, black cod or black eyed peas?  Even if I dislike Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, LBJ, George Bush, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Natalie Jackson and gasp, Barack Obama, I am a racist. Were you born white? Then you are a racist just by the color of your skin. To those who drink the toxic stew of political correctness, just about everything is racist and they are the worst racists of all.

I am a racist just by posting this.

Do you get it now?

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Findalis said...

I must be racist too. I love white snow. But not the 66" we gave received so far this year. And another 6" for tonight.

How I am waiting for spring and greenery, bluery, pinkery, yellowery, etc...

Andrea said...

Soooooooooo absurdly correct. Love this.