Chaos from a single entity- the Dorner principle

This is worth sharing. Not in support of what Dorner did but how Dorner did what he did, as one person. Call this a lesson in creating chaos and it is a lesson that has been repeated throughout history. As the Ukraine burns and blood runs in Venezuela, take note of what one can do, especially if 'one' inflicts chaos from as many different places as possible at once. Food for thought. PatriotUSA

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The Dorner principle and lessons from the Russian revolution

What is the Dorner principle? The Dorner principle is the effect of one person consuming state assets at a level totally disproportionate to the threat that they actually pose. When Dorner went on the run, it was the fact that he posed a personal threat to officers of the LAPD that created the effect. They were no longer a blue line with unlimited resources and hundreds of others to back them up. They were suddenly exposed for what they were; Frightened individuals who might be hunted down and killed by a man who had a level of training equal to or exceeding theirs. They couldn’t count on APC’s , superior numbers and automatic weapons. They were just people and the thought of facing this man Mano A Mano in their home or driveway didn’t appeal to them at all. The disproportionate response that ensued was a direct result of their fear of being individuals. The machine had to show that they could crush this individual who dared to flout it’s authority. The results of all this fear would have been comical had it not been for the fact that innocent citizens were getting shot up in their zeal to shoot anything that appeared to be a threat. One man caused all this chaos and ate up millions of dollars of resources. Chaos is what revolutions thrive on. As long as protesters stay gathered in one spot as a large group then they are subject to being overwhelmed by the superior firepower of the state. Molotov’s rifles and bricks don’t hold up against snipers and APCs. During the Russian revolution, it was the chaos that was caused that became the successful vehicle to accomplish their goals. The resources of the state were immediately and completely overwhelmed. There were thousands of fires burning as mobs attacked shops and the offices of officials. Troops that were called out to quell the rioting refused to fire on the crowds and joined the mayhem. The destruction spread through the cities and into the countryside on a scale far too large to contain. Police departments couldn’t respond to hundreds of calls at once and their entire system crumbled.  Chaos that overwhelms the system is the key. Stay in a group of protesters cordoned into an area and get flattened by heavy armor. The objective is to be in as many places at once as possible and maximize the mayhem. Those that are loyal to the state should be busy protecting their personal assets instead of focusing on the mobs. They should be fearful individuals that know that they are going to be made to pay for their deeds and loyalty to a corrupt and repressive regime. In addition to the chaos they should be subjected to the Dorner principle. Power should be knocked out and as many fires started as possible to keep assets occupied elsewhere. Streets should be blocked by disabling vehicles and destruction of vital infrastructures attacked to increase the chaos. Chaos is like fire and once it starts, it spreads quickly and cannot be contained.

You do know that I am referring to Ukraine right? Kiev is in flames as we speak. Those that will not be subjected again to Russian tyranny have their chance now. If they stay barricaded into their encampment they are literally going to be rolled over. If they take their lessons from the Russian revolution and use the Dorner principle they may have a chance at success.

Source is here from Eatgrueldog.

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