We are only in training down here

We are only in training down here. 

Some of you feel this way and some of you do not. This is all right. We are after all, just down here for a short time.

Someone I know through blogging, her husband has now entered hospice. I ask that you read this as it is one of the most beautifully written faith writings I have EVER read. Deeply, deeply spiritual and about life. No science, no technology, no humanist clap trap to explain this in any way, shape or form. This just may change you outlook. It has deeply challenged mine. It has made my walk with Jesus all that much more personal and the depths of this, as far as I know, are endless and eternal.

I am not going to post anything except the link to the post over at The Treehouse. I ask that you read through the comments there and please be sure to be respectful, prayerful, compassionate, kind and considerate. This couple has made the decision to share with us a journey that all of us will face. Some of us sooner than others.



Hospice Came Today

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