The GIANTS are in the Super Bowl!

Well, no sports team called the Giants of course. No, the giants that will be there are the giants of propaganda.

The Spreckels (so named by yours truly) video produced by Budweiser with its 21.5 million views in a little over 24 hours will be there. For those who have not seen it, it is the story of an adorable little dog and a Clydesdale. Somehow an ad for beer has touched the hearts of millions, including me. Yes, it's propaganda, trying to get us to buy beer, but somehow it just more seems to speak to the love we have for animals. The little giant of a dog unafraid of a truly gentle giant of a horse.

The other giant that will be in attendance will be the Department of Homeland Security. The preparations are mind boggling.

From InfoWars - Police State Gets Ready for Super Bowl 48

Super Bowl XLVIII is a level one national security event declared by the Department of Homeland Security allowing Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 to kick in. The directive means the federal government considers the game to be a possible terrorist target and provides authority for the feds to act as the lead in all security operations in New Jersey and adjacent New York.


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Inside a security flight over MetLife Stadium There is a very interesting video embedded here.

And - in other sports news - from the TSA News Blog - "Take me out to the ball game" -- so I can be groped?

Note to DHS, TSA and all the rest - might it be helpful if we just secured the damn border?!?

America. Land of the free. There is something truly wrong with this picture.

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