Stand by your scam

Read this over at The Bluebird of Bitterness. I follow another site, Pumabydesign001 and followed the link to BBOB. There is some fine snark by the bird there and A LOT of truth.

Trust me and check out the BBOB and Puma's sites.

What will you get with your Obamacare one world soviet style health care? You will be  get a shiny new shovel while you are standing in line for food, clothing or to see the local burned out stinky, hairy hippie, who is a wiccan, and will be your 'medical professional'.

Obamacare is the the gift that will keep on stealing from Americans in many ways. Worse healthcare, higher costs, higher taxes, enslavement, a system in place where only 'special' people get much better or still great health care. While you and I are standing in those lines waiting to see some shaman, witch doctor, third world 'doctor', nurse, illegal alien invader, or filthy Muslim who refuses to wash their hands posing as a 'certified' health care worker, the ruling oligarchy will have their cake and take most of ours. It will be on our backs and stolen from our depleted wallets.

2014 will see over 2 million people (I think it will be more )lose their
health care plans. Will it be right before the 2104 elections or will this also be delayed until AFTER the elections? I really hope not and even if this is delayed, maybe, just maybe, asleep at the wheel Americans will wake up from their warm, fuzzy progressive group hug, Kool Aid addiction, thinking they are living in utopia dream, to kick these these collectivists and statists out of office. I am not very hopeful. This once fine Republic is becoming the USSA.

Pay attention to what is now taking place in the Ukraine. Very close attention.


Stand by your Scam

“Even a popular president can usually expect disappointing midterm results for his party. What makes things particularly dire for Democrats is that a president’s approval rating has a significant impact on his party’s prospects. Obama’s approval rating is in the low forties, and while things can change, few would bet it will improve all that much between now and November. “One reason for that: The Obama administration is poised to give an incredible gift to the Republican Party. Before the end of the year, up to 80 million people could see their health plans canceled. Economist Stan Veuger, my colleague at the American Enterprise Institute, estimates that at least half the of estimated 157 million people on employer-provided health plans will start losing their existing coverage by the end of 2014 because their plans don’t conform to the more generous — and expensive — demands of the Affordable Care Act. The bulk of the cancellation letters notifying employees should be going out in October, right before the midterm elections.

“This could be the single most effective direct-mail campaign material in American history, and Republicans won’t even have to pay for the postage.” ―Jonah Goldberg, President’s Poll Numbers Give Dems the Midterm Blues

“One of the things I don’t get about ObamaCare is that they are overcharging young people for health care because those extra dollars are supposed to fund health care services for old folks. But at the same time, we all know that those death panels Sarah Palin warned us about will be denying meds and operations to those of us in our 70s, 80s, and 90s. So what’s the real purpose of that extra money? I suspect it’s to pay for a few more Obama family vacations over the next three years. I admit my evidence is purely circumstantial, but it’s based on five years of experience with the weasels in the White House. …

“A while back, Obama stood on a stage in front of 18 people he claimed were happy with the Affordable Care Act. But later, when questioned, he refused to identify them. His argument was that he was trying to protect their privacy. Now that’s a claim that only a liberal pinhead would make, inasmuch as people concerned about preserving their anonymity don’t appear on TV, sharing a stage with the president of the United States.
“Inasmuch as Obama is constantly using shills, whether it’s phony doctors and nurses or people pretending to be cheerleaders for the ACA, he might as well use department store mannequins in the future. After all, they’re easy to transport and they can be easily rigged to applaud on cue, so long as the rigging isn’t left to the boneheads in charge of setting up the ObamaCare website. In addition, if they were moved to Chicago on election day, they could be counted on to vote for every Democrat on the ballot.” ―Burt Prelutsky, The Devil’s in the Details

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