Redefining liberal stupidity-Neil Young ruins a great car with Lincvolt.

Only a liberal far left moron could be this stupid. Green is stupid in this case, very stupid.

Enter former junkie and 'famous' singer song writer', Neil Young.

The stupidity of this project was bad from the start. But first round stupid was not good enough for Young. After a fire in 2010, he repeated the same stupidity a second time. All in the name of doing his 'part' to save the planet.

Liberals like Young are a much graver threat to society than a gas guzzling 1959 Lincoln convertible. A shame to see a nice car go to waste. Too bad Young is still around to spew his stupidity and hatred about things he knows very little about.

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Here We Go: Neil Young, Sucks, Stupid 

By Neil Schnurr

Note: I felt this post was necessary because yesterday, I committed the grievous error of writing a post about Neil Young without using the words "sucks" or "stupid". I apologize for the mistake, and attempt to make up for it here.

The story you’re about to read is true. It’s not only true, was repeated with some amount variation, thousands of times in thousands of places.

Southern Wisconsin, November 1978 - A ‘72  four door Buick LeSabre speeds through the night, during the first significant snowfall of the year. The driver, a 17 year old male, has four of his male friends as passengers, along with his girlfriend who is in the middle of the front seat, next to him. He has a full tank of gas and a full case of Old Style long necks. Ted Nugent is cranking out of the AM radio, and for the moment, all is right with the world.

Suddenly, the Nugent song ends, and some foul, hideous.noise emanates from the front dash speaker. It’s not clear at first, but soon the harmonica kicks in, “Oh no!  It’s Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold!” 

Change it!, Change it!”, the four male voices cry out in an almost hysterical unison to the lone girl, directly behind the radio. “Why?”, she asks in a panic, as three boys lung over the back of the seat reaching over her shoulders in a desperate attempt to change the station. “It’s Neil Young, he sucks!”, says the fourth boy on her right side, as he joins in the fight to change the station. The girl is engulfed in a frenzy of arms as fingers jab at the tuning preset buttons.

It’s no use, all six buttons are pushed several times, but the only one that provides a clear signal is set to the station playing the Neil Young song. Just as things start to look hopeless, the driver joins in, and uses the manual tuning knob to move the dial to a station playing Foreigner’s “Cold as Ice”. During that brief moment of distraction, the driver’s right front wheel leaves the pavement. He over corrects, and the car spins off the road, into a field of soybean stubble. 

A near tragedy has been avoided. They will not have to listen to Neil Young after all. After a few doughnuts in the bean field, they all throw their empty beer bottles out the window, crack open several new ones, hit the road, and once again, all is right with the world. It was a close call. Too close.The driver vows that he will definitely be installing an under-the-dash 8 track tape player tomorrow.  

Now I can’t take full credit for it, because I my musical taste was largely influenced by what my friends listened to, but somehow I managed to avoid most of the liberal artists when I was young. I may have known what liberal and conservative meant back when I was in high school, but I didn’t think that anything that had to do with politics affected me. Cars, girls, parties, sports, and rock music were about the only subjects my friends and I ever talked about. We had no idea that some songs and artists were political, but we did know what sucked, and what sucked were the songs that didn’t have to do with the things that we talked about, disco, and any song that was supposed to have a “message”. The only message we wanted to hear was rock n roll. You just can’t get that message out with an acoustic guitar.
I don’t have to tell you why Neil Young sucks, or why he’s stupid, but I enjoy doing it. This example of why he is stupid is particularly funny. It seems like old (and I do mean old) Neil (old man look at my life, I’m much smarter than you are) set out to get himself a hybrid car. Now what would you do if you wanted to get a hybrid car? You’d probably go get a Toyota Prius or a Honda Civic Hybrid, right?  After all who could make them less expensively than an outfit that builds them by the thousands?

Why would you ever consider getting a hybrid car?  The only reason there would ever be is, if you did an enormous amount of city driving so the increased city fuel economy of the hybrid would pay for itself in a matter of years.That’s it. There is no other justifiable reason whatsoever, to own one. 

Mr. Young, abandoned the two primary common sense rules for determining if a hybrid is the right choice for a particular person right off the bat, and went for the gold. What he ended up with was an incalculably expensive, slow moving, impractical, undependable monster that burned his warehouse to the ground. It has been reported that one million dollars of Neil Young memorabilia was lost in the blaze. What amount of Neil Young memorabilia could possibly be worth one million dollars, other than 100,000 ten dollar bills with his autograph?  

Back to the Young’s frankenmobile. If you were to build your own hybrid car, what would type of car would you choose for a platform to start with?  Probably some type of very common, smaller car, right? After all, the project is going to be complex and expensive. No sense using a rare car with a virtually nonexistent parts availability to increase costs and build time. Who knows, you might have to go back to the drawing board several times, so of course, you are going to start with a cheap, easy to replace platform, if you not too stupid, that is.
Why would we be interested in a hybrid again? Oh yeah, over the course of time, we hope to save enough on fuel to make it a more economical choice than the available gas-only cars out there. Otherwise, we might as well just get a conventional car that gets good gas mileage. So we gotta start with a small car righ? Right. I’m glad that’s settled. Cheap and common too, right? Right. 

Alright, so what did Neil Young choose for a base platform?  A Chevy Cavalier?  A Ford Escort?  Close, it was a Ford product. Neil chose a 1959 Lincoln Continental. After a quick bit of research to find just how much better a hybrid’s fuel economy is than a similar, gas only car, I found that a hybrid can deliver a fairly impressive 30% improvement.

A 1959 Lincoln Continental got about 10 mpg. If he was able to get results similar to that of the major auto manufacturers, his hybrid Lincoln would have gotten a whopping 13 mpg if it had anywhere near the horsepower a ‘59 Lincoln had. For example, a Honda Civic has 140 hp whereas the Civic Hybrid has 110 hp.
  Thirty fewer horsepower. Not an unreasonable tradeoff for people looking for fuel economy. Neil’s Lincoln hybrid also had 110 hp.  The big difference here is that a Civic weighs just under 3000 lbs, a ‘59 Lincoln Continental weighs about 5200 lbs. That’s why they came with a standard 430 ci engine which produced 350 hp. The fuel economy claimed for Young’s Lincoln was 23 mpg.  If that claim was anywhere near accurate, can you imagine what a dog that car must have been? A fully loaded dump truck could have beat it in a race. 

To fully appreciate the stupidity of Young and his ill-conceived contraption, you must visit the LincVolt’s website. It attempts to excuse the car’s absurdity by stating, “Lincvolt focuses on ultra-low carbon emissions as value, not MPG”. I have discussed in earlier posts that hybrids do little to help the environment, and if you don’t believe me, then read it here.  

Young’s monster failed miserably in every area, including in its stated "mission".  It was stupid from the wheels up.  Perhaps mercifully, the beast caught fire one day, and burned down Young’s memorabilia wearhouse. No great loss there.
It's better to burn out 'cause rust never sleeps

Now when you, (or anyone else with half a brain) have a miserable failure, at least you can take comfort in the fact that the ordeal is over, you learned something, and you will not make the same mistake again. Not Neil, though. That fire took place in November of 2010, yet he was foolish enough to bring the LincVolt back from the dead.

The LincVolt is a classic metaphor for liberalism. Nevermind if your actions produce any amount of measurable success, as long as you spend a lot of money, you can feel good about yourself.

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