Let there be trouble in my time

A follower and reader of our site has been sending me great links and news from time to time. One article in particular struck me as really good, yet it is lacking in the depth of commitment to what we, yes, you and I faithful readers, MUST be willing to do, should what is outlined next end up in failure. Understand this, failure is NOT an option that we can even entertain. Failure is not an option on my list nor should it be on yours. If it is then please leave now, do not return here and close the door behind you and catch a flight to Cuba or Venezuela or maybe to Kenya and you can go roost with Obama's family there.
We do have a process in this country that is supposed to let us remove corrupt politicians and effect change to our Republic. This process is being stripped away from us bit by bit, one piece at a time. I have never witnessed evil in Washington D.C. and in some many states, as I am witnessing now. This process has been perverted and stained by regressive progressives, liberals, who will do anything to stay in power.

Just one example is the push to now 'legalize' another 15 plus million illegal alien invaders. Not just from the left but now traitorous Republicans are joining the ranks of those who want some sort of amnesty for these law breaking illegals. How will this 'help' legal Americans get back to work? More illegal aliens to suck off the government, use up social services that sometimes legal and hardworking AMERICANS need. One has to only look at the current regime and what it has done to this country since 2008. Add all the evil, traitorous things the Obama regime has done to the damage from previous administrations and here we are. Let me add the destruction from the inside out of our military, our law enforcement agencies morphing into 'police state thugs' that support a totalitarian takeover of this country.

I want to thank Douglas for sending me the WND link for the post below.

It is long and I just cannot post the entire article here. My personal opinion is that what is outlined will NOT be enough, nor do we have a lot of time to right the Republic, restore what the Founding Fathers so carefully laid out for us in the Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

I have also added some links to other articles about the destruction of our Republic and one regarding a new movie about Islamic honor killings.

I would much rather have trouble in my time and yours rather than it be upon our children. They already are enslaved much worse than we were and so many of them and their parents have been programmed to think this is how it has always been or that the government knows what is best for them. Are you a legal, caring Patriotic American who truly loves freedom, liberty, AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM or are you stinking communist? I would rather die as free as I can or go down fighting for freedom, even if it is just the ground beneath my own feet.



General Cements Plan To End Obama's Reign
By Drew Zahn for WND

Some have proposed marches. Others hearings. Some have demanded the president’s resignation. Some have called for impeachment, even though a Democrat-controlled Senate would be unlikely to oust their party’s leader.

Polls show Americans of all parties are upset with the direction of the country, but what can they actually do to make a difference?

Retired Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, as chairman of Stand Up America, has been at the forefront of many of these rallying cries, encouraging Americans to take action in a number of ways.

But now the former deputy commanding general of the U.S. Army in the Pacific has settled upon a battle plan he believes could actually work: a House-led, parliamentary style vote of “no confidence” in Obama’s administration.

“I have already achieved a level of ‘no confidence’ in Obama as a leader, but now I urge you to examine this concept,” Vallely wrote in an email to supporters obtained by WND. “If you agree with me that all confidence is lost, I urge you to then ask yourself what is in the realm of the possible. I implore you to push aside the urge to try and fix everything in one fell swoop.

“Now is the time for something a dear friend calls ‘conviction without eviction,’ an end that can be brought on through a vote of no confidence, locally, statewide and nationally,” Vallely claims. “This is just a first step in what can only be repaired over time, but it is achievable in the short term and starts to remove Obama’s ability to continue his ruinous ways now.”
Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (ret.)

In a blog post on the battle plan posted Dec. 15, the general explained he already has a man on the ground in Washington working to make it happen.

Vallely quotes “a prominent Washington, D.C., insider with whom Stand Up America is coordinating –and who prefers to remain under the radar for the moment while conferring with potential House co-sponsors on both the basic rationale and the detailed content of such a House Resolution of no confidence” as offering the following justification for this novel course of action:

“First, in most of the world’s so-called ‘democracies’ – actually, multi-party constitutional republics – a formal vote of ‘no confidence’ by the Lower House suspends or greatly limits the governing authority of the party in power and, in a ‘recall’ of sorts, mandates new elections within 30-60 days,” the insider reportedly reasons. “Although we have no such instrument in our Constitution or in existing law, there is nothing to prevent its use as a comprehensive de facto indictment and conviction for contempt of Congress, violations of oath of office and of the Constitution itself – for all of the reasons stated in such a resolution.

“Second,” he reasons, “it would be much easier to cosponsor [than impeachment articles], to be formally adopted by the House and to achieve what might be called Obama’s ‘conviction without eviction’ – in which wholesale repudiation by the House, loss of control of the Senate and a substantial diminution of power and influence during his remaining time in office would be the penalties.

“We know there is no legal standing in a vote of ‘no confidence’ that would come of this act, but at least one thing will certainly occur: We take back the power of discourse,” the insider contends. “What do we do? We conduct a national ‘vote of no confidence.’”

Read the rest here.

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