Tu-Tu HaZ a Sad-I was not invited but I was?

The fall out from the #Celebratemandela global orgy is continuing to entertain me and make me almost ill at times. Maybe it is just me that I am finding so much 'humor' in the wreckage from paying homage to a murdering communist who embraced necklacing as a national pastime in South Africa.

This was posted up over at the Treehouse and I almost cracked a few a ribs I sniggered so hard. The title to the post and then the picture used are just perfection, at least to me this is. PatriotUSA


Tu-Tu HaZ A Sad – Not Invited To Private Mandela Funeral

Yes Alice, they are still having funerals on the traveling tour.

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Another snag hit South Africa’s long goodbye to anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela on Saturday when his longtime ally Desmond Tutu said he had not been accredited as a clergyman at the funeral by the government so would not attend.
[...]  Tutu has preached at the funerals of most major anti-apartheid figures, including Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Walter Sisulu and others.  (read more)

Source is here.

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