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Where great jobs are scarce but taxes and government overreach, are high. 


I rarely use anything from such a liberal rag as The Source but there are always exceptions. The letter that follows is one of these exceptions. The Source is completely and totally far left, uber regressive progressive regime based brainwashed stupidity. I read it every week NOT for news but strictly to get a pulse on what the oh so politically correct, excessively diversified, multicultural, and beautiful sheeple are spewing in Bend. Not Central Oregon mind you, but the Bend area. 

The letter that you will read next is in response to the the hatred of all things pro second amendment, pro-gun, freedom that the Source and MOST of its readers hold dear. They refuse to see, accept that it is people who are almost always mentally retarded, I mean challenged, almost always LIBERALS or criminals that commit crimes with guns. But to these morons, ALL guns are bad, period, unless held by the government.

So you want to call 911 and wait 15-20 minutes for LEO or the SWAT team to get there?
While you are waiting, maybe these liberals will be singing "If I had a Hammer" and be sitting in a drum circle under a full moon, while they are sitting ducks in the cross hairs of some nut or criminal with a gun?  It is a mental health issue and liberalism is one of the major problems here. Mental health and Obamacare. How is this dopey changey working out for you sheeple, brainwashed Kool Aid drinkers now?

I leave you to read this excellent letter and I must tip my hat to the Source for publishing it. PatriotUSA


In reply to, "A Year Later, and Only More Guns" (The Boot, 10/10)

So a deeply liberal anti-gun tirade. I have been in law enforcement ten years. First and foremost Chicago has some of the toughest anti-gun laws on the books and some of the nations worst gun violence. People, i.e. the person who wrote the article and apparently the entire Source Weekly staff, seem to think taking away gun rights and legislating away our rights is the answer to gun violence and the Sandy Hook tragedy. It is not a gun control issue and the Source staff seem to miss the reality here. It is a mental health issue, we had a very obviously mentally ill person who needed help and did not get any. I know evil exists, I have seen it first hand. The article says rely on neighborly sentiments?? I am sorry when faced with a crazy person with a gun, you can't rely on neighborly sentiment, but a well practiced and lethal response to take them down before more tragedy can be dealt out, is an option. You reason with them and tell them to be neighborly and see where you get, while they are busy targeting you , I will take aim and take them down.

Gun control does not work. Most guns like the one at Sandy Hook were obtained from other than legal sources. You advocate making things more difficult for law abiding citizens through gun control and legislation, when it does nothing to stop the person intent on doing harm. Disarming people, and legislating over burdened people even more makes no sense. We have legislated ourselves into a hole, we have more laws about how we do things than any other nation on this planet. What we don't have is a government that has its priorities in order. We have no real health solution for the poor and the mentally unstable. Obamacare simply forces people to buy insurance; it does not unburden taxpayers, or for that matter, create any viable solution for people. You want to see less violence, then try allowing people to have a living wage and get people off the government tit, because they have to be there to survive. Allow people to keep more of what they earned and protect the poor instead of heaping more legislation and tax burden upon them. Until we stop being a cold everyone for himself, greedy, step on and step over society with disconnected politicians who have no clue what its like to struggle to buy groceries, nothing will change. People will not get the care they need, crazy people with guns will commit acts of evil. We decided as a nation to have the right to bear arms, so now we must understand that, cherish our constitution and work within our society for change instead of forcing laws and control that will not work down our throats. I will stand right beside you while you appeal to someone's neighborly sentiment while they are shooting, I'll shoot back, let's see which one is more effective.


Source is here.

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