How Will Obama Respond to Egypt?

Gary Fouse

Now that the Egyptian government has called a spade a spade and labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, isn't President Obama put in a bind? Surely, the Egyptians will arrest more MB members for being active in a terrorist organization. How will Obama and his inept secretary of state, John Kerry, respond? After all, the Brotherhood is the bunch that they prefer to see in power.

So now will Obama condemn the action? Will the US cut aid to Egypt?

In spite of the thousands of protesters that the MB is sending out into the streets to battle the police, the coup was supported by the majority of the Egyptian people, who had taken to the streets of their cities by the millions to protest the Morsi regime's heavy-handed tactics. They wanted the military to restore order to the country. We hear a lot of lip service from Obama and Kerry that "the Egyptian people must decide". But if the majority of the Egyptian people support the coup and the taking down of the Muslim Brotherhood, who is Obama to complain?

The fact of the matter is that despite all the protestations of innocence from Ikhwan Web, the MB's English-language web site, the Brotherhood has engaged in massive violence. Today, it stands accused by the government of the bombing of police hqs in Mansoura. Just since the military coup, They have driven their followers to destroy over 80 Christian churches.

It will indeed be instructive to see how Obama responds to this latest development. If he takes the side of the Brotherhood, it will be one more indicator that he does, indeed, prefer Islamists to rule Middle Eastern countries as opposed to more friendly and secular governments. We see it also in Syria. We have seen it in Libya, with tragic results. We see it in Turkey. Coupled with his antagonism toward Israel, it is troubling to say the least. Meanwhile, in the face of massive persecution of Christians from one corner of the Islamic world to the other, Obama and his administration are silent. Troubling, indeed.

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Dan said...

Obama has proven himself to be a supporter of Islamists in general and the MB in particular. The greatest threat to the U.S. is our own president.