Fracking - the world is concerned...

Parts of the world anyway it seems.  Note - Americans, not government, attempting to resolve our dependency on foreign oil.

From Stars and Stripes - Rise of 'Saudi America' will alter globe -- and perhaps US military strategy

For the past 40 years, U.S. presidents have launched distant wars, allied with autocratic sheikhs and dispatched naval fleets to protect sea lanes, all for the imperative of keeping foreign oil spigots flowing.

That imperative has now subsided. Rather suddenly, the center of gravity of global energy production has swung toward the Americas as shale oil and gas fields in North Dakota and Texas hum with activity. America is moving to the fore as the world's largest producer of petroleum and natural gas.

That change will reorder the globe in ways large and small.

U.S. experts say it will prolong the United States' position as the predominant global superpower. Arab nations that shook the world with the 1973 oil embargo almost certainly will be weakened. Russia will find its power ebb as European nations find alternate suppliers for natural gas. New energy technologies will reorder the scales of global winners and losers.

"There are not many times in history where you can see the balance of power shift," said David L. Goldwyn, founder of Goldwyn Global Strategies, an energy intelligence consultancy in Washington. "We are going to see that." Continue here.
The intelligentsia of Hollywood are also concerned...

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Findalis said...

The Arabs are scared that we will go to full on fracking. Fracking will wean us off their oil and we are a major buyer.

I say frack here, frack there, frack everywhere. We should be fracking the shit out of the nation. (Pardon my French.)

Let us scare the Saudis to Hell.

Andrea said...

That's what I got out of it too! Possibly a very bright spot for America...

PatriotUSA said...

The environazis are against an and all fracking, drilling or exploration of our own energy resources. Unless it is green it is evil and bad of course and we cannot have anything from fossil fuels that creates JOBS. Why that is not in the Alinsyite rules now is it. Unless of of course the government NATIONALIZES all the energy sources. Why this would NEVER happen here now would it?

I say drill, frack, explore use all we have here and F--K the arabs, Russia and just drill baby, drill.

Anonymous said...

The real reason the left is so opposed to fracking is it destroys their agenda of subsidized alternative energy "solutions".

Nick said...

They've been trying this out in the UK as well. (And you get the greenie nutcases a-protesting about it as well, unfortunately.)