Electric Intifada and American Muslims for Palestine-Total Cry Babies

Gary Fouse

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December 7's Palestinian conference in Irvine has created quite a stir among the very people who held it.


Yes, Folks, victimization was in full mode as the AMP put on one of their off-the-shelf Israel-bashing events. The event was held at the Southern California Chinese Cultural Center (CCC). What set the little rascals off was the fact that Stand With Us, a Jewish pro-Israel organization, had sent a letter to the CCC expressing their concern that such an event was being held by sponsoring organizations like CAIR, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Muslim American Society and the Muslim Students Association. In spite of the letter-and a letter from yours truly- the CCC allowed their space to be let out for the event. The dinner, however, had to be switched to an outdoor tent in the parking lot at the Irvine Mosque across the street because the CCC needed the room for another event.

In addition, Yours truly joined with two middle-aged Jewish ladies and held signs outside on the sidewalk protesting anti-Semitism and Palestinian terrorism.

Zionist thuggery, Dear Readers. 

Here from the above link is how two of the scheduled speakers reacted in horror.

Max Blumenthal :
@MaxBlumenthal: I'm speaking at @ampsocal conference. Chinese SoCal Cultural
Center canceled our dinner after pressure from Zionist group @StandWithUs.

Ali Abunimeh:

@AliAbunimah: Zionist thugs @StandWithUs tried to pressure Chinese Cultural
Ctr in Irvine to drop @AMPalestine conf citing my presence among others.

Here is the "shocking" report from Mr Abunimeh's blog, Electric Intifada, a vicious site dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state, which claims that SWU tried to pressure the CCC to not allow its space to be used,.


Mr Abunimeh will have to look long and hard for wording in either letter requesting that the CCC actually cancel the event.

Apparently, they also think that SWU "pressure" caused the switch in dinner venues. That is a questionable claim, but one that would have to be answered by the CCC.

And this from Hatem Bazian, one of the organizers of the event.

"Speaking at the conference, AMP chairman Dr. Hatem Bazian thanked SCCCA for “not buckling” to StandWithUs pressure."

What a joke.

At any rate, here is what comes out of Saturday's fiasco. They held their event without any disruption. What bullying are they talking about? They are the ones who are trying to turn this Israel-Palestinian conflict into the biggest issue of contention in our country. On college campuses, they have succeeded largely through real bullying. One of their co-sponsors, Jewish Voice for Peace, is a bunch that knows how to engage in real disruption as when they violently disrupted Bibi Netanyahu's speech in New Orleans a couple of years back. If you want to know about disruption, you could ask the so-called Irvine 11 Muslim Student Union members who disrupted the speech of the Israeli ambassador to the US at UC Irvine in 2010. One of them was present Saturday at the event. I saw him.  None of that took place Saturday. If they find a couple of letters and three peaceful protesters outside so intimidating, then they are a bunch of cowardly cry babies in my humble view.

Man up, crybabies!

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