A very dark day-Cry and Howl to shut down

A very dark day for me as I just read this from Cry and Howl.

I’m thinking it’s about time to shut Cry and Howl down. I’m tired of the total b.s.

My comment that I left for the owner of Cry and Howl:

"Steve, Understand but very unhappy. It is a something I understand. I have to take frequent breaks and have other contributors. May The Lord bless you and yours and keep you all safe. I will have  one of my VERY rare Cuban ceegars in your honor. It is 5 degrees out and we are headed for -5 or colder tonight and I go outside to smoke. In your honor my friend, in your honor. Hope you will return at some point. Sigh………"

It is very hard work to run a blog and I am BLESSED to have a great watchdog named Bill Smith over at my site. I am blessed to have people like BC who takes on building a site like this to give me another platform to speak out against tyranny. I am blessed to have other contributors here on The 'Corner to pick up the slack when I feel like roadkill from too many orthopedic and spinal procedures and life has run me over. The loss of Cry and Howl is a big one for me and it should be for everyone else too. Every flame that goes out right now is one flame out too many. Steve is an excellent person and did his site on his own. I get it, I understand. I pray you recover and rest well and PLEASE come back soon. PatriotUSA

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