This man tells the truth about Islam

This man has some balls or is it the dog's bollocks?

Nick will straighten me right up if I am wrong here. PatriotUSA

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Nick said...
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Nick said...

Isn't it strange how the atheistic state (remember Alistair Campbell: "We don't do God.") try to use "racism" as a thoughtcrime to prosecute its own citizens?

Richard Dawkins laid out the atheistic worldview very clearly long ago in his book "The Selfish Gene". According to Dawkins the survival of the fittest means organisms that preserve their own genes will prosper - AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHER ORGANISMS.

Therefore two traits have formed human beings as they are today. The "selfish" genes within us drive each and every one of us to act in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER that makes our own genes prosper.

Those "selfish" genes which are contained within ourselves, then our siblings, then our "kin", then our "people" - those "selfish" genes will, according to the leftist worldview, drive us to act in ways that will demonstrate our superiority over organisms that do NOT contain our own "selfish" genes.

So in the competition for finite resources, we prosper, our kin prospers, our people prosper - at the expense of any and all other organisms (including human beings.)

According to neo-Darwinism, that's the way of the world. Racism is part of humanity.

Not only that, it's a KEY factor in making the "selfish" genes inside us "successful" enough for each of us to be here today.

So according to the leftist, neo-Darwinist, moral relativist, progressive worldview, everyone alive today is a racist - our "selfish" genes make us so.

So on what basis does the leftist - given their worldview - believe that "racism" is a baaad thing, exactly?

Findalis said...

He is stating exactly what Pat Condell has been saying for years. I suspect Mr. Condell to be arrested soon.

This Christian gentleman would be very welcomed here in the US.

Andrea said...