Persecution Update 17 November 2013

SYRIA: Christians Massacred in Rebel Attack
MEXICO: Evangelicals Beaten and Imprisoned by Local Authorities
LAOS: Believers Falsely Accused for Villagers' Deaths

Persecution Update keeps you informed of what is going on in our world concerning persecuted Christians. (Info from Voice of the Martyrs Canada.) Download entire Quicktime movies for showing to your group or church from swordandspirit.com, the Human Rights page

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P.B. said...

This stands to reason. The conservatives (which include Evangelical Christians) are fighting Amnesty on the constitutional and existing immigration laws. It was not the average Mexican citizen that was beating the Evangelical Christians, it was the ones benefiting from the open border and amnesty. The Evangelical Christian mission effort in Mexico has been a very positive source in helping people, with schools, doctors, water, food, clothing, Etc. that the Mexican government cannot do at this time. the drug cartel, and prostitution rings are the ones the Evangelicals are hurting the most. therefore the persecution.