Making it hurt- a thank you letter to Obama

This is from a single mother in Texas. I will add nothing to this and thanks to PUMAbydesign's site.

Can you feel this mother's pain and anguish? I am sure most of us can relate in some way shape or form. I know I can and so can my family. PatriotUSA


Average American Mom’s Thank You Letter to Obama Goes Viral

 Making it hurt while the obamas play
Yolanda Vestal, single mom and Texan in an effort to vent her frustration posted a letter to her Facebook page in which she called Barack Obama out on his prize legislation, Obamacare and the fact that he’s so out of touch with the suffering of Americans under his reign.

Clearly, Vestal’s letter hit has a note with tens of thousands of Americans because it has gone viral.

See Vestal’s letter below:
This ‘thank you’ letter to Barack Obama has gone viral.

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Dear President Obama,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all you have done and are doing. You see I am a single Mom located in the very small town of Palmer,Texas. I live in a small rental house with my two children. I drive an older car that I pray daily runs just a little longer. I work at a mediocre job bringing home a much lower paycheck than you or your wife could even imagine living on. I have a lot of concerns about the new ‘Obamacare’ along with the taxes being forced on us Americans and debts your are adding to our country. I have a few questions for you Mr. President.
Have you ever struggled to pay your bills? I have.

Have you ever sat and watched your children eat and you eat what was left on their plates when they were done, because there wasn’t enough for you to eat to? I have.

Have you ever had to rob Peter to pay Paul, and it still not be enough? I have.
Have you ever been so sick that you needed to see a doctor and get medicine, but had no health insurance because it was to expensive? I have.

Have you ever had to tell your children no, when they asked for something they needed? I have.

Have you ever patched holes in pants, glued shoes, replaced zippers, because it was cheaper than buying new? I have.

Have you ever had to put an item or two back at the grocery store, because you didn’t have enough money? I have.

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep, because you had no clue how you were going to make ends meet? I have.

My questions could go on and on. I don’t believe you have a clue what Americans are actually going through and honestly, I don’t believe you care. Not everyone lives extravagantly. While your family takes expensive trips that cost more than most of us make in two-four years, there are so many of us that suffer. Yet, you are doing all you can to add to the suffering. I think you are a very selfish and cold hearted man, who does not care what is best for the people he was elected by (not by me) to represent, but more so out for the glory of your name attached to history. So thank you Mr. President, thank you for pushing those of us that are barely staying afloat completely under water and driving America into the ground. You have made your mark in history, as the absolute worst and most hated president of the United States. God have mercy on your soul!

Yolanda Vestal
Average American


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Nick said...

I read this letter to my old mum and she said, that's exactly the same here, only we have the NHS, so she can go and see a doctor whenever she needs to. It's winter and as my old mum said, heat ... or eat.

Andrea said...


PatriotUSA said...

Your Mum is correct Nick. Heat or foodObamacare is NOT the answer nor is a single payer system.

Thanks to obamacare, I now have lost my one policy I PAID FOR and there is no replacement that I can afford. It is TRIPLE the cost for worse coverage, much worse. I will default to Medicare and pay much more for meds, everything. So now I will cut my medical care way down as it is food, heat and my family first. We struggle every month and this month and next will be extremely bad.

Who wants to give a orthopedically trashed, older white dude any type of job? I have submitted 18 apps and resumes in the last week. Now with Obamacare, things are much worse.

Ya make do as best you can and my family just has to come first, especially my kids.

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks for the link to hyscience, Andrea. Posted a comment there and I am extremely upset with what i have found out after speaking with our insurance agent about my insurance.

I am f--ked but others will have worse than me or my family. Always people worse off than you.

This poor guy has to call every client with bad news about health insurance, plus he just may close his agency after 24 years of business. An honest, ethical man who has served his clients well. Over half of them are over 55.

This is another aspect of Obamacare, lost jobs, lost homes, less food, less heat, more people losing everything and we just may ourselves.

Findalis said...

Stealing this for Monkey in the Middle