I am Pol Pot and I was banned from.......

Early yesterday around 12:30 AM I was in a horrible, severe pain from too many orthopedic and spine procedures and was total unable to relax. So I thought I would drop by Huffington Post and see how the free thinkers of the far left progressive regressive side were reacting to the court reinstating the Texas anti-abortion bill. The responses were quite predictable and ranged from all out hatred of Texas, Texans, anyone who is any kind of conservative, Republican, pro life, to outright worship, adoration of Bloody Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis, embracing abortion rights, murder of babies to outright hatred of men. Especially white males who might be conservative, middle aged and of course, women haters and domestic terrorists.

Being who and how I am, I jumped into the comments on this article and must have really upset those who were commenting and the moderators of Huffy Poo. Around 7:30 this evening I was informed by Huffy Poo that I had been banned from there indefinitely.
I used no nasty words and did not go off on anyone. I pointed out the overall hatred that was being expressed in the comments and stood up for, by and with the very, very few other conservatives that jumped in. I made it clear that I was not pro choice and consider abortion to be murdering of babies. I must have offended someone or a lot of far left RETARDS, indoctrinated, brainwashed girlie men that bleed, feminazis, queers, faggots, dykes  and the moderators of Huffy Poo that hate a man or woman with true conservative morals, ethics, values, the stones or vag to LIVE and DIE by them and for them. They must have thought Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, had come back from the dead and dropped by to spend an morning trying to have a truthful, honest discussion about Abortion, feminism and women's rights. I was just back at the article previously mentioned and all my comments have been aborted and flushed away from the post. I have commented there for quite some time but I guess they could not handle someone who refused to back down in the face of withering personal attacks and outright hatred expressed towards me and others. So am I all butt hurt or offended by being banned from this septic tank of indoctrinated, far left politically correct, diversified, communist infested, white conservative male or female hating site? Not in the least and I think it is funny and tragic at the same time. Tragic in the sense that it proves how far left liberals cannot rationally discuss any issues they disagree with. Funny in the sense that I got booted for sticking up for myself, my beliefs, for others of like mind by those who think they are so tolerant.

Here is the body of the email I got from Huffy Poo:

"Your actions have led us to freeze your account for an indefinite period of time. We try to make sure that this community is an enjoyable place to be, and while we understand that sometimes things flare up, your actions have crossed a line. We are sorry that it has come to this.

If you think that your account has been unfairly frozen and would like to talk to someone about this, please report a community issue on our contact page and we'd be happy to discuss with you."

Huffington Post Community Support Team

It is really not surprising that we are as a Republic so deeply split asunder. Intolerance,  hatred has deeply divided us on race, abortion, social, economic, health care and just about everything else. Political correctness, excessive diversity and rampant multiculturalism has damaged this nation, helped to divide us and get us to the low point where we currently find ourselves. PatriotUSA

Martin Hudacek

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The Mad Jewess said...

Hi and God bless. Ty for linking me on the other article. Terribly sad times.

I, myself, have been banned over and over by conservative pundits.
Too much caving and cowering to leftists by phoney 'conservatives.'

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you for dropping by. I seldom ban anyone from here and what is posted here really rattles some people.

I have occasionally let liberals do guest posts here and will always have this be an 'open' forum to various points of view. I do not expect everyone to agree with me or my views. I know there are false conservatives who loathe me, and most liberals, well they hate most of what is posted up here.

I am very careful where I comment anymore and seldom do so. I read your site usually every day but you have seen how rarely I comment.

Thanks again and especially for letting me steal er umm cross post from your most excellent site.