A challenge to an anonymous cowardly commenter

I seem to have upset some brave commenter from my Veteran's Day post. This individual is so stalwart, they go by anonymous. Imagine that! Here is the latest comment from this nasty piece of work:

"Look again Patriot! Your site is clouded with faulty politics! How sad that you would exploit this hateful agenda on Veterans day. You probably have never seen any action except on Halo 3 or at the Green Beans cafĂ© in Kuwait!" 

Hateful agenda? Really? I will answer you directly and I am not going to waste a lot of time on you, period. Am I a racist, bigot? No foolish anonymous person only in your mind and other free thinking minds, but I AM against Islam, sharia law, against the perversion of modern progressive, regressive liberalism, against political correctness, excessive diversity and multiculturism. You have a problem with this or with what the other contributors post up here, then get lost. Go find your home at some flaming liberal site or drink some more Kool Aid. Maybe you need a fix of unicorn farts and pretty rainbows as a side dish to your nasty comments. Would you care to say your mettlesome words to my father law who served in WW2 and Korea. To my grandfather who fought on the western front in WW1, or my father, and uncles who served in WW2 and all the veterans I know. How about to their collective faces?

Now my answer to you, anonymous coward: I DO NOT play any video games, nice try. No I have not served but I come from a military family, see what I wrote above in case you forgot already. Does one have to serve to be a patriot, love freedom, liberty, the second amendment, willing to die for for the Republic, be willing to step up and fight against tyranny,  as we are witnessing now? I think not. What of those who answered the call at Lexington Green? How many of them had ever served before the Revolutionary war? I know many veterans and they have NO PROBLEM with my politics or what is posted here. No one holding a gun to your cowardly head and forcing you to drop in here and read what we post up here.

I could say a lot more but  you are not worth it. I will close with this: You want to write a GUEST POST in rebuttal to what is found here, then write one and contact me through the comment section of THIS post. The READERS of this site will decide on your positions versus what is found here. Otherwise anonymous coward, take this to your eyes: PISS OFF. PatriotUSA

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Nick said...

I have to laugh at these people; "clouded with faulty politics" is a vague and meaningless statement. It can therefore be disregarded as irrelevant.

And their ad hominem attacks are fallacious. If this acommenter has anything useful to say then all they have to do is argue their case, if they are able to do that.

If their politics are not faulty (and that is quite a claim) then "Anonymous" should be able to explain his Weltanschauung to us all, in a clear and convincing manner.

I'm not holding my breath ...

HermitLion said...

The whole comment was vague, ignorant, condescending, and offered nothing to a discussion but insults.

Therefore, you have your classic immature liberal here. Mentioning Halo 3 would put him at the right age group for such writing style.

Ignore and move on. These kids will reap what they sow pretty soon, and it won't be a nice sight.

Findalis said...

Well said Patriot from this Veteran. You are a patriot in my book.

PatriotUSA said...

I responded to this loser, troll, red diaper baby as I needed to. This was not just about me. The comments from this coward were an insult to my family, and many others who I know are veterans. Not to mention the insult to the other contributors here on the Corner. If they were local I would meet him for drink of Whiskey, a ceegar and have a heater on me as you never know. I challenged it, the cowardly troll for a reason. Any more comments will be given the boot unless this individual steps up to the plate, which I doubt.

Thanks for your support, each of you.

FYI, I tried to join up three different times and was denied due to screwed up knees from football, wrestling and track. Being a REALLY fast white kid that ran the old 220 yard dash in 22.1 seconds(I did run a 21.7 but that was termed 'wind aided' by a 6 mph breeze)and getting tackled by Blacks that weighed 260 plus pounds, Chicanos, not Mexicans that always played dirty took a toll, I guess. I was one of the few tidey whitey's who knew how to juke, cut, spin, and hands like glue back in the late 60's early 70's. Not afraid to run, catch, block or take a hit from any one.

That has not changed.

Just because one does not serve does not mean they cannot handle a gun, they do not know survival skills or are willing to stand up to tyranny to save family, TRUE friends and the Republic from domestic and foreign enemies. I AM WILLING to die for freedom if I must. At least my kids will know that I was willing to do so to give them a better chance than I, we, many of us ever had.

Nick said...

I've always thought this whole idea of serving in the armed forces being used by leftists in this way is rather strange.

Are the political opinions of people who are not in the armed forces somehow illegitimate?

If that is the case, then "Anonymous" must demand the immediate removal from office of the current President & most of the White House staff.

Because not having served in the armed forces, their opinions count for nothing - right, "Anonymous"?

PatriotUSA said...

I think anonymous counts 'service'
as the likes of Dorn, Ayers, Alinsky and his idol Obama has served in that service of red diaper babies.

I bet he sucks at video games to boot.

Andrea said...

Well said gentlemen.