Obama-ignore the men and women behind the curtain and listen only to me

This is a superb commentary from Fred who owns the TexasFred site.

Who are you, the AMERICAN people going to listen to? The traitors and haters who brought you Obamacare behind closed doors, the evil Democrats and Republicans that have sold us out and down the river just so they can protect their cushy asses and jobs in Mordor on the Potomac, have opened the flood gates to the trash that are known as illegal alien invaders, who have weakened our military and given safe havens to our enemies, to those who are destroying the republic from within?

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I will stop here and if you are stupid, foolish enough to listen to the drivel that Obama spews out his a$$, the you deserve what you get. PatriotUSA


Obama: Time to Stop Listening to the ‘Bloggers and Talking Heads’

Big Eagle 1With the U.S. government reopened after a near-unconditional surrender from congressional Republicans on more federal borrowing and Obamacare, President Barack Obama praised the federal government’s importance to every American’s life.

“We hear all the time about how government is the problem,” the president said Thursday at the White House, hours after signing an agreement reached between the Senate and House of Representatives. SOURCE
“A near-unconditional surrender from congressional Republicans”

I have never had words cut into my mind and burn me to the core like those in quote regarding a near-unconditional surrender from congressional Republicans. I feel like I have been cut by a knife, a deep and long cut, one that could bleed you to death, and one that if you did manage to survive, would leave you with a horrible scar.

Not ALL, but a great many, far too many on the GOP side, gave in to Obama, allowing him to feed his ego and nourish his narcissism to even more invincible levels, invincible in HIS mind and those of his followers perhaps.

Obama said, “We hear all the time about how government is the problem”, and you know, Obama is right, he didn’t intend to be right but he spoke the truth, government IS the problem.

Of course Obama believes that government is not the problem, as far as Obama is concerned, government, and government regulation is the solution to everything, and more government is an even bigger solution.

People not agreeing with Obama and accepting everything he says as the Gospel is what he considers the REAL problem while his followers see any dissent, ANY disagreement with the words of Obama as vile RACISM directed at their Obamessiah.

Then there’s the problem Obama has with *bloggers and talking heads*.

By bloggers Obama refers to people like me and the thousands of other Conservative bloggers in America, well, the more well-known bloggers actually, I doubt that my little blog generates a very big blip on the Obama radar, but bloggers nonetheless.

The fact that at least some of us are well known for our telling of the truth as we see it, for producing well researched posts with irrefutable citation and for engaging in the rapidly dying art of journalistic integrity apparently chaps Obama’s hide a bit.

What seems to give Obama even more grief, is *The Talking Heads*, and I am pretty certain that the talking heads Obama refers to are NOT Chris Matthews and the like.
Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin and the multitude of Conservative talk radio hosts are driving Obama nuts, and in the spirit of Obama and golf, it’s a short drive.  

Conservative talk show hosts have a much wider audience than bloggers and exert much more influence on the face of politics in America. It’s easier to tune in and listen than it is to read I suppose. 

We hear a lot about *print media* dying and I am pretty sure that’s the truth. Blogs such as this have seen a huge downturn in readership and support while talk radio is still growing by leaps and bounds.

Here is the biggest problem facing Conservative American voters as I see it; the GOP, the Republican Party, has rolled over and committed suicide. 

The GOP has abandoned their Conservative supporters and fully embraced the tenants of Liberalism by allowing “A near-unconditional surrender from congressional Republicans” in the face of a challenge that is about to change the direction of this nation, and one that we will face again shortly after the new year.

For a long time I referred to the GOP of late as being nothing more than Dem Lite. I don’t think I’ll be using that phrase any longer, you see, the GOP has taken their platform all the way off the charts of ANY kind of Conservatism and have become a full extension of the Democratic Party. In other words; there is little, if ANY difference between most of the GOP and the Democrats.

Certainly a few brave Senators and Congressmen fought the good fight, they tried to garner the support of their fellows as they attempted to beat this monstrosity called Obamacare, and they tried to make a plan that was acceptable to all concerned regarding the government shutdown, but their efforts were rejected at every attempt. Do you think that future efforts will render a different outcome? Do you think the GOP will suddenly find the courage to stand up to Obama? Do you believe that Obama and Reid will suddenly become receptive to what Conservatives may want?

Do you still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny?

To those that fought the fight and didn’t give in, you have my congratulations and my most sincere appreciation and admiration! To those cowardly RINOs that folded like a cheap suit and didn’t fight for this nation and the people that put you in Congress and Senate; DAMN YOU TO PERDITION!

The GOP has indeed committed suicide my friends, they now stand arm in arm with the Democrats and Barack Hussein Obama, that is a FACT and one we need to get used to.
We can no longer call ourselves Republicans, if there are still some among us that do. The time is rapidly approaching when we form a true Conservative Party and retake this nation from the hands of the enemy, that enemy being the unholy marriage of the GOP and the Democrats, henceforth; The Republicrats!

I will be officially changing my voter registration to Independent as soon as possible, I will give no money to ANY GOP incumbent or candidate and I encourage everyone that cares about the direction of this nation to do likewise, including those already elected and holding office.

Or, you can take Obama’s advice to heart and stop listening to bloggers…

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Andrea said...

"DAMN YOU TO PERDITION!" My thoughts exactly sir! Party change absolutely though the talking heads have discouraged this for a long time rather than weaken what was left of the the GOP as if there might be some hope left. There is not. Staying with the GOP has the feel of slime and the stench of betrayal and we must distance ourselves from the "tarp" covered rot!

What am I talking about - why do we torture ourselves with talking politics? I do not believe for a second there will be elections in 2014 much less 2016 so why even think of party affiliations.

Food, water, meds, dry powder

Andrea said...

One other note. Thank you TF for this writing that echo's the thoughts and analysis of many of us. We have come to learn we are not alone and I HAVE found we have had some amount of influence. Keep on truckin sir - the road is long and it is posts like this that are the points along the way to refuel.