Obamacare disaster warned about in adavance from CGI-Confidential document here

This is from The Last Refuge or Conservative Treehouse. I am stealing, eh hem, I mean re-posting it here and I hope the document shows up that CNN has obtained.

I am very pleased to be posting this up right after Gary posted his article regarding people being able to keep their health plans under Obamacare. That is working out well, is it not for all? The timing of this could not be better and to all of you who voted for this traitor, this manufactured man who is a liar, thief and hates America and AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, who thought Obama and Obamacare would be so wonderful, here you go. The administration KNEW all of this. Every damn bit that this 'plan' would fail, and fail badly. How do you feel about voting for Obama now? As Gary mentioned, he has trouble feeling sorry for any of you Obama supporters and so do I. The real losers besides us are our younger generations and the generations behind them. It is a long way off until the 2014/2016 elections but Americans must remember this and these darkest of days since 2008. Obama is making George Bush look like Prince Charming and Richard Nixon look like a SAINT. I always liked Richard Nixon and if you take umbrage with that, save it for another time. At least Nixon had the CLASS to resign unlike Clinton.

Obamacare was designed to fail as progressive regressive retards want to force the country onto a single payer system, the total express lane to hell and enslavement. Good job, those of you who voted for this loser and the the liberal filth that infects this country today from left to right coast. Epic fail. PatriotUSA


CNN Obtains Documents Showing Administration Given “Stark Warnings” Just Before Obamacare Launch…. (Confidential Document pdf included)

CONTEXT FIRST - Tomorrow HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is set to testify before congress.   For those of you who are unfamiliar with how congressional hearings work there is a rule of bi-partisan discovery where Dem’s must share information to be used during the hearing with Republicans, and vice-versa.

This is done so that no-one is caught off guard with anything that takes place in the hearings.   It’s somewhat of a ruse (under the excuse of professional courtesy) that few people know about.  Congressional hearings are investigative only to the extent the questions being asked are not known by the opposing party.  However, each knows what documents and evidence the other has walking in.
Why is that pertinent?   Simply because when you see the media do these pre-hearing exclusive/confidential document stories you know the source of the leaked intel is the party seeking to diminish the impact.  It’s just how they roll.    The Dem’s gave this CGI report to CNN so that CNN could write up a story and remove the *shock value* in advance of the hearing.

Washington (CNN) – The Obama administration was given stark warnings just one month before that the federal healthcare site was not ready to go live, according to a confidential report obtained by CNN.

The caution, from the main contractor CGI, warned of a number of open risks and issues for the HealthCare.gov web site even as company executives were testifying publicly that the project had achieved key milestones.

On Capitol Hill on Monday, Medicaid Chief Marilyn Tavenner, whose job it was to oversee the October 1 rollout of the website, said she did not foresee its problems.
“No, we had tested the website and we were comfortable with its performance,” she said. “Now, like I said, we knew all along there would be as with any new website, some individual glitches we would have to work out. But, the volume issue and the creation of account issues was not anticipated and obviously took us by surprise. And did not show up in testing.”

But the CGI document, which describes “top risks currently open” and “outstanding issues currently being mitigated” says the testing timeframes are “not adequate to complete full functional, system, and integration testing activities” and lists the impact of the problems as “significant.”

Another element is listed as ” not enough time in schedule to conduct adequate performance testing” and given the highest priority.  (read more)

Source is here from TLR.

I bet you miss me now, even more!

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bydesign001 said...

The list gets longer of those who should be impeached, indicted, tried and thrown behind bars for ten life times.

Since this in my book is the biggest deception in the history of the United States, again, I suggest that the people come together en masse and form the largest class action suit this country has ever known against those who are responsible for this horrendous assault on our liberties, person and wallets

PatriotUSA said...

Indeed Puma, and thank you for dropping by. I know so many people horribly affected by Obamacare, I am sure they would be most pleased to jump into the deep end of the pool.
Impeachment is not enough in my book unless it is backed up by life in prison in some place run by Sheriff Joe down in Arizona. But then these traitors would still have three meals and place to sleep and medical care, too much in my book but then I am a bit nasty when it comes to traitorous, American hating acts like this.

Gary Fouse said...

So HHS wants to blame the contractors? Will repost this on fousesquawk. Thanks.

Findalis said...

We've been screaming about this since they wrote the bill. TOLD YOU SO!!!!

Andrea said...

But Findalis - they are gonna fix it! And they have brought in none other than the terrorist supporting, NSA spying contributor - Google - to help fix it! We can all rest easy now and not worry about their "don't be evil" history and ways for one second now, ya hear?!?