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Gary Fouse

I am posting a message here which I received from my DEA retired agents website regarding the possible parole of Augustin Alvarez, the killer of ATF agent Ariel Rios. In the link where you can send a letter in opposition, the details of this murder are described. I have deleted the names of former agents who have commented in the text.

Posted: 05 Oct 2013 04:36 PM PDT
(Name deleted) wrote: "I just attempted to send my comments regarding this matter to Ms. Pyron via email since time is so short. It appears that their email server has been shutdown by President Obama and I was unable to do so. However, when I tried sending it to Steve Husk at steve.husk@usdoj.gov,  it did not immediately bounce like the first one. I am taking that as a good sign."

In view of of the above it is recommended that the messages be sent to Steve Husk at steve.husk@usdoj.gov. Remember to put Augustin Alvarez Case#11090-004 in the subject line. Additionally, I know the website indicated October 6 as the cutoff date, but I would send them in after that date since it isn't likely that they will get to it by then what with the government layoffs of which Ms. Pyron is one.

Posted: 05 Oct 2013 12:15 PM PDT

(Name deleted) wrote "I can remember the scene as if it was yesterday. Horrible. I was on an extended TDY in Miami, Fla in 1982. At that time, Florida truly was the Wild West. Boats were coming down the Miami River with bales of marijuana or kilos of cocaine stacked right in the open on the hull of the boats, there were shootouts in broad daylight and the Miami River Cops were blatant in their dealings of criminality. Although I was not particularly on duty the night that Ariel was shot, I did, like every other agent in the Task Force, report to the scene. It was devastating to see grown men weeping at the sight of their fallen partner. I am glad that I made it through my career without experiencing something like that a second time.

With the recent arrests of the ex military sharpshooters last week who were also planning on murdering one of our own, it speaks volumes as to the dangers inherent in our job thirty years after this sad incident.

I just wanted to pass this on to you guys to read and hopefully take the time to pass this on to others and to drop an email. To make your concerns known, you can email Steve Husk at steve.husk@usdoj.gov. Your email will be made a part of the file. Subject line should be: Augustin Alvarez Case#11090-004. You can also email Ms. Pyron atamanda.k.pyron@usdoj.gov. Bear in mind this office is operating with minimal personnel.

You can also click here to generate a letter  which you can use, make any personal touches you wanted to it and attach it to your email message to the AUSA or incorporate into the text of your email to the AUSA. Do not send it via snail mail as it may not get there in time.


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