Findalis - live from DC

I did not get post up on all the pictures - it will happen but just in putting it together I fell asleep.  It was a long day yesterday.  Meantime.  I will put the trucker's live feed below.  He is no longer with the convoy.  Had been there since Tuesday and had to get to work.

Posting a live feed from someone at the memorials.

I will be looking for others with live feed and add them here as I find them.

Trucker -  He has had 32,000 hits.

Memorial - this one, at the white house I believe.  At one point the guy says something like - yep, snipers still out there.

Spouse asked - did they have snipers out there last week when the illegals were there?

Good question.  Back with more as I find them.  Ya'll please forgive my informality.  Trying to find good links and videos and posting as many places as possible all the while talking with sibs - it's a little hectic so you might just have to copy/paste.

One woman live looks like she is off air now.


 The Blaze - Not live streaming but good piece.

Twitchy - More


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Anonymous said...

Great photos, great work altogether. Thanks for posting & for the links.

Findalis said...

Thanks for sharing. I fear that the Lame Stream Media and Obama will just ignore this effort. Why not? They are old and mean nothing to them.