But ... there is that wild card

UP CURTAIN! Order out of chaos – the guiding strategy JR

“Create crises, large and small, provoke a level of fear that results in people everywhere demanding “a restoration of security, no matter what it takes.” JR

The latest warning, water supply poisoning, compliments of the three letter agency known for grooming young terrorists right here in River City America.

“Set person against person and group against group, cut off people who are on government benefits, while swelling the ranks of those who depend on governments for physical survival.” JR

Soros funded group planning mass move on amnesty October 28

From Jon RappoportGovernment shutdown: the takedown of America

Another brick laid in the path to decimation.While the Democrats and the Republicans, the White House and the Congress cross swords over the funding of government;
While the White House orders the shutdown of visible national parks and war memorials;

While the USDA threatens to turn off food-stamp benefits for 50 million Americans in November;

While this deadly game of “who will blink first” goes on;

Operation Chaos, the higher-level plan to bring America to its knees, proceeds. Its ultimate goal? Reducing the United States to the status of “desperately needs rescue.”

That is the status which elite Globalists demand for every nation on Earth, in order to introduce one currency for the planet, and one system of management for all nine billion people.

In such a system, all borders and sovereign countries would be eradicated, “for the greater good.”

No, this isn’t going to happen tomorrow, it’s a long-range op and a long-range plan. But it’s being implemented.

Presidents of the United States are agents of the plan, every one of them. Continue here.

Another read about the end of freedom as we know it. Both of these writers believe we have time left on the ol clock.


Depending on your perspective, multiculturalism is either a dismal failure or an outstanding success.It matters not what country you live in, if you are in the middle class and possess reasonable intelligence, you are well aware that multiculturalism endangers your future and the future of your entire nation.

From The Daily Mail U.K. – Nicolas Sarkozy joins David Cameron and Angela Merkel view that multiculturalism has failed

There you have it. Three of the world’s ranking leaders have stated that the experiment in multiculturalism is a failure. One would then assume that the experiment would be terminated and the rampant immigration brought to an end. Not so, for in truth it is not an experiment, but a devious plan that will lead to world wide civil wars, a New World Order, and the enslavement of the human race by a small group of elites.

To any who doubt this premise I pose a challenge: Show me another possible outcome to the cultural insanity we see taking place today.

People in Europe and the U.K. warn that the shifting demographics will lead to Islam ruling their nations in thirty or so years. Here in America, we witness the open floodgates of our southern border and millions of illegal immigrants crossing that border unimpeded, and they are overwhelming our nation, and its ability to provide for their welfare. Why then are the political leaders of the West continuing their open border policies that guarantee ruin of their nations, and the end of freedom as we know it?

Allow me to answer that. The end of freedom as we know it is their goal, anarchy at the hands of foreign invaders is their tool of choice, and civil collapse due to the coming anarchy is inevitable, and that anarchy will be brought under control only when the people are willing to accept absolute rule by a fascist government. Continue here.

These two gentlemen say the time is not right. Not now, not yet. More pieces must still fall into place. But in the meantime, there’s that little matter of the wild card?

FBI Investigating Threats to Midwest Water Supply Systems – “On High Alert”
Soros funded group planning mass move on amnesty October 28
Crisis: USDA Orders States to Withhold Electronic Food Stamps
Nicolas Sarkozy joins David Cameron and Angela Merkel view that multiculturalism has failed
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Superb and the American Patriot is why Japan never invaded the U.S. mainland during WW2.

We have been invaded from the inside out and Obama and his ilk are not our own, especially the first BLACK Nazi Obama. He is not my POTUS nor do I respect him or what he has done or wants to do.

You want me Obama? Come claim me.


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