Are you steeled? See below for explanation

Steeled or Steel Yourself

Is this even a word? In a word, yes.

Steel yourself to force yourself to get ready to do something unpleasant or difficult

This is where we are and what you must now do unless you are a sheeple, a collectivist, a socialist, a communist who now bow down to the filthy maggots who now inhabit the swamp that we call D.C. or as many call it, Mordor on the Potomac.

The tipping point was passed, the die was cast so very long ago. Watch what the media spin on orders from the Obama regime. What is the next 'crisis'? Look a shiny thing here, a butterfly over there, a free phone behind that bush or tree, free cheese for you while it lasts.

Make SURE YOU are watching. Front, back sideways, in between, up, down. Take nothing for granted nor take any chances.

Larger print below as the urgency makes this a requirement for tired eyes.

I stole this from WRSA. Oops, I mean re-posted. PatriotUSA 


Watch This, Please


You can stop when the camera cuts away from Kristofferson at approximately 10:00.

The film is Amerika, a 1987 television miniseries about the Soviet conquest of FUSA and its aftermath; backstory here; h/t to another veteran of the 2010 armed march on the Potomac.

Think about the days in which we live.

Right now.

The videos coming from the memorials in DC.

Right now.

Recall all who oppose freedom-minded folk.

And be grateful for those upon whom we can count.

Steel yourselves, ladies and gentlemen.

Get right with the Man.

And no matter what…


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Robert Urich too - Spenser!