70,000 More Refugees Coming to US Courtesy of Obama

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Creeping Sharia, Center for Immigration Studies  and Refugee Resettlement Watch

President Obama has just authorized another 70,000 refugees to come to the US.


Two things to note:

1  The geographical designations seem to skirt around the term, "Middle East". Make no mistake, however. The Middle East will be well represented.

http://cis.org/HowTerroristsGetIn (Hat tip Center for Immigration Studies)

On the surface, the taking in of refugees has been a great humanitarian gesture on the part of the US and other nations. However, in the current era, it has resulted in tremendous problems, not the least of which is Islamic-inspired terrorist acts against the host country. Need I mention the Boston Marathon attack by Chechen "refugees"? Or the hundreds of Somalis who have gone back to Somalia, or to Kenya and other places to join al Shabaab? Or the numerous arrests by the FBI of Muslim immigrants plotting to set off bombs in US cities?  It is pretty clear from the above CIS report that our own government agencies, principally DHS and the State Department, have not done their duty in screening people they allow into this country. We are paying for it in terms of social and welfare costs, crime in the streets, and the danger of terrorism. And in Europe, the problem is much worse as the social fabric of countries such as France, Norway, Sweden, Holland and others is being torn apart. Having "no-go zones" in and around major cities is too great a price to pay for being "humanitarian".

What will interesting to see and follow up on is how many Christian refugees Obama will bring in from Syria, Iraq and Egypt. I am betting precious few. The administration has done much crying about the Assad regime and the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, but has said virtually nothing about the on-going persecution of Christians in those countries as well as other places like Iraq and Pakistan.

Incompetence and stupidity are too simplistic explanations of the policies that drive this administration. Say what you will about Obama, he may be in over his head in certain areas, but he is not a stupid man. It really calls into question what his true agenda is for this nation.

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Anonymous said...

For a follow on to this story you should report on what they get from our taxpayers. I understand it is commn that these poor refugees get the equivalent in cash goods and services as someone earning $60k a year. A drive through their nieghborhood has shown new SUVs including expensive Escalades. Tough life but someone has to do it.