Tool Chest of the Gods

Weep and wail, ye mere mortals! Do-it-yourselfers and handymen everywhere, lament and rend thy garments. Heap ashes upon thineselves and know that all is for naught in the face of such splendor.

Behold the Studley Tool Chest!

We are all unworthy in its sight.

From the above link: Master craftsman Henry O. Studley (1838-1925) was an organ and piano maker, carpenter, and mason. He is best known for building this incredible tool chest during his tenure at the Poole Piano Company in Massachusetts, working on it over the course of 30 years. Using ebony, mother-of-pearl, ivory, rosewood, and mahogany – all materials used in the manufacture of pianos – he refined the chest to the point that, even now in the 21st century, it is still in a class by itself.

The Studley Tool Chest holds 300 tools, yet measures only 9 in. deep, 39 in. high, and 18 in. wide, when closed (22.86 x 99.06 x 45.72 cm). Every tool has a custom-made holder to keep it in place, many with beautiful inlay, and tiny clasps that rotate for easy access. As the chest folds closed, tools from the left side nestle precisely between tools on the right side. Below you can see a video review of this beautiful design.

In the "nice try" category:

For those of you who lust in your heart for a real toolbox:

Finally, here are some of my meager attempts at such wondrous organization:

Interstate Field Service Toolkit

Focused Ion Beam Mill Source Toolkit

Nikon Nikkormat Camera Case

Chef's Knife Roll

Sigh. None of those even come close.

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PatriotUSA said...

WTF is right and I HATE you for posting this oh so cool set of tools up. I was sorta happy with my Sears roll about tool chest but no more thanks to you. Some of my tools are from my grandfather, father and uncles that I er ummm 'borrowed' and forgot to return. I am actually a rather bad person when it comes to woodworking but with a set of tools like this one, who would care?

I will have to share this on CBC and make some guys there weep with jealousy.

Andrea said...