Lady Liberty's Torch - of Blood

Nor can terrorists take from our government the responsibility to protect our borders, and yet, in the name of eternal power and the intent to fundamentally change America, our government refuses to do that very thing.

Gun running, drug running, importing votes, importing terrorists, refusing to protect its people – Lady Liberty’s torch is already tainted.  How long until it drags thru streets of blood as the consequence of our government not doing its duty?

And the living dead cannot find the salvation of outrage for the victims already taken.

South Texas County Flirting With Bankruptcy---Due to the Cost of Burying Dead Illegal Immigrants

Brooks County, southwest of Corpus Christi, may become the first county ever in Texas to file for bankruptcy.

But the problems facing the Brush Country county of 7000 people, which is largely made up of flat, arid prairie with a horizon line occasionally broken by the occasional Mesquite tree, are not due to the issues which have brought down other struggling counties across the country.

Unlike California Counties, Brooks did not pay exorbitant salaries and retirement benefits to unionized public employees.  Unlike Detroit, Brooks County was not undone by the troubles of a major industry.

Brooks County is being brought to its knees by the cost of burying bodies.

For the last two decades, Brooks County has been at ground zero of the nation's immigration wars.  The main Border Patrol checkpoint on U.S. 281 leading from the Rio Grande Valley to employment centers in Houston and San Antonio, is located in Falfurrias, the Brooks County seat.

In order to avoid the checkpoint, immigrant smugglers have routinely dumped their human cargo into the trackless wasteland south of Falfurrias, frequently telling them that Houston is 'just over that ridge' or 'just a days walk away.'  Frequently without water and almost never in any condition to walk across the Brush Country in summer heat which often reaches 115 degrees, immigrants by the hundreds have died on ranchland, their bodies found by people like Chief Deputy Benny Martinez as they patrol the county.  Cont. HERE.

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Zenster said...

Unlike Detroit, Brooks County was not undone by the troubles of a major industry.

This is a flat-out LIE! Detroit's financial woes were entirely self-inflicted by repeatedly electing an unbroken string of hyper-corrupt, incompetent BLACK politicians.

We're talking about one of the first American cities with a Copper Theft Task Force, emkay?

The total economic core of Pittsburgh, PA disappeared. Yet, despite the loss of its entire steel making industry that city has, somehow, managed to thrive and become best place to live in U.S., even beating out Honolulu, HI.

Instead, Detroit is ranked as the
Most Dangerous City in the Country Fourth Year in a Row. One set of statistics tells the whole story:





Trust hizzonor Coleman Alexander Young to spell it out:

"But in Detroit, Blacks aren’t just the majority. They’re the authority. They run the police, the courts, the schools, and city hall. But Black political power has not meant Black economic prosperity."

Remember, it was only after America's worst ever race riots that Whites fled Detroit. The city's decline was a direct result of Black political cronyism that was allowed to flourish in the total absence of any White intervention.

The real reason for Detroit's demise is as simple as Black and White.